I bought some non alchoholic booze

I’d forgotten how gassy booze was. Plus it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would. It still wasn’t bad though.


Are you sure this is a good idea?
You are a recovering alcoholic after all.

I was thinking the same thing as @Wave.

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Yeah. I wondered about that. But it hasn’t increased my desire to drink. If anything it’s kind of decreased it even further. Good point though.


I’d still be careful @everhopeful.
Non alcoholic booze still contains some alcohol.
You never know.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to consume non alcoholic booze.


Yup. I’ll be careful. Thanks wave !


I hope you’re okay

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It’s fine. I’m fine. Really. I just wanted to see what it tasted like. I probably won’t buy any more though, just because it wasn’t that great. Not bad but not that great.

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Yeah plus they make you gain weight

Yes. That’s very true …

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I made some non-alcohol eggs, bacon, and toast this morning. It kind of tasted like Miller Lite.


If this is a joke I dont get it.

Hi, @everhopeful. They say that drinking fizzy drinks keeps the cravings for beer alive. For a few months, I was doing a 2-ltr of Pepsi daily. Then I had a bad reaction to the caffeine and quit it. But all along, I suspect I was craving not caffeine but alcohol. Just saying.

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I drink sometimes non alcoholic beers :beers:

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I was drinking them over the summer before my relapse. Maybe a coincidence idk. I have 56 days now.

Some of them aren’t bad. Honestly like the taste better than alcoholic ones.

But remember there’s a little alcohol in them maybe can trigger a tiny bit of tipsyness. Not enough for u to feel but for you to remember the feeling and be triggered a little if you keep doing it possibly . Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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