Trial run of two AP's

Have been taking Invega 6mg along with Wellbutrin and my Risperdal Consta depot’ s recently and so far I like the Invega but I personally think me being on two AP’s is too much. Tonight I will no longer take it and tell my pdoc next time I see her that it’s been too much lately.

It was a trial run anyway but I will keep the Invega tablets if I need them.

She said take my medication according to how I feel I need them so is my decision ok to make?

If your doctor told you to take them as long as you feel okay, it’s your decision to make. Why do you feel like it’s too much? Are you experiencing side effects, or do you just not like the idea of taking two different drugs?

Sometimes, doctors will put you on two low doses of different APs instead of a high dose of one AP. They do this because it lowers your chances of experiencing negative side effects. If you stop taking the invega, you may need to increase your risperdal consta shot. That could cause you to experience worse side effects.

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you are so right @ninjastar. I don’t know what makes me think I want to stop taking it. I have to remember I am taking it for a reason. You are also absolutely right She gave me the Invega samples BECAUSE of my negatives so I would be wrong to stop.

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Invega is the metabolite of Risperidone, so it’s less harsh on your body.

I’m on the max dose of Paliperidone (the pill form of Invega) and it’s okay aside from the weight gain. I keep waking up at 10:30 AM, which feels kind of late, but I need the sleep to feel normal.

Also, my emotions are kind of blunted, I feel like a robot, but it’s not a huge price to pay for no voices and minimal intrusive thoughts.

I feel kind of mentally slow though, that’s another thing. I don’t have my spontaneity in conversation so much, it’s hard to come up with ideas to talk about.

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Oh man you are so right. I lost that “spark” in conversation I used to have. We’ll both be ok, though.