Invega shot or whatever

Y’all seem to like invega so much is it any good I know side effects etc. I don’t know November 16

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I prefer the pills, but your mileage may vary. Worth a try, see if you handle it well.


Thank you I’ll ask pdoc

I would try the pills of any med before trying the injection.


I like mine. I recently switched to every 3 weeks instead of every 4. My symptoms don’t flare up as much anymore. Before I noticed the medicine would taper off.

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I’ve been on both pills and shot (and both at once) My symptoms were never fully covered under that drug. Both with mood and psychotic symptoms. I would go through a mood episode with psychosis and then have lingering psychosis for up to two weeks and repeat that cycle till flat out psychotic for a while before chaning meds.

She’s talking about me being dead.

It didn’t work for me at 156mg shot but 234mg did a lot of good. Wears off for me at 3 week mark so I prn risperdone 3mg a day until I get the shot again.


Feel like double taking. I just want to eleft alone.anything to not hear ■■■■