currently on 37.5mg risperdal consta depot every 2 weeks and trying 200mg of wellbutrin instead of 100mg normally. next week I am asked by my doctor to try my one month sample of invega brand and regular dose wellbutrin instead of the 200mg I’m on this week.

just wondering since I know invega is the main metabolite of risperdal what are the differences if any.



Risperdal knocked me out to sleep while Invega not


meant to add that she’s adding invega because I’ve been having my negative symptoms become very prominent lately now that my positives are gone. it’s to help my mood.


Invegas good. I’m on 6mg and I’m finding that I’m hearing less voices. Gained abit of weight though but its going well


ok good to hear


I’m not happy. Pretty depressed though won’t help mood much unfortunately. Find I’m bored all the time now


My opinion is run for the hills in terms of invega. It ruins ur hormones so much, ur bones become weak, your skin becomes nasty, u get fat, blank, bored, and the list goes on for days. It might work on u but I recommend the pills bc literally I stopped the invega injections in October of last year and it’s still in my body. It also made my right eye deviate from my normal gaze so I look like one side of my face had like a quasi stroke or something. It’s so bad dude u have no idea how much it ruined my life. RUINED it. No other med had these kind of effects… it’s like the worst of risperdal but 24/7 bc it’s the active metabolite of it. Seriously just think twice about the shot it stays in ur body for up to 6-13 months.