Treated myself today


So, a new hair cutting place opened up very close to where I live. They were having $4.99 hair cuts. For so many years that I can’t even count, I have cut my own hair. It was both to save money, and because of the fact that there were no hair places nearby. My hair had grown out of control. I have really thin hair, so when it gets long, it gets stringy. I knew I needed a hair cut, but didn’t feel like giving myself one. Then I saw this place. I got a bob, with it layered in the back, and getting longer towards the front. Because of the low price, I was able to give the hairstylist a good tip–$10. It was a lot of fun. The hairstylist then gave me a bunch of coupons for more hair cutting. I hope they stay in business. It’s fun to treat yourself once in a while. Have any of you done anything to treat yourselves lately?


I drive through McDonald’s or Burger King for cokes all the time. Or walk 5 minutes away to Walgreens for a soda.


I bought myself a pair of flip flops at Dollar Tree.


@CarolineC, that was nice of you to tip so generously. Nice to see acts of kindness. You should post a pic of your new 'do! :smiley:


I signed up on POF D:


What color???


Light blue. 2O characters blah.


Light blue-e-e-e-e !


Wow @77nick77. That really is a nice treat. I stock up on canned soda when it’s at a really good price.


@BakedBeans, that is a nice little treat. Better for summertime than regular shoes.


Okay, here are some pics. The lighting isn’t very good on them, so you can’t really see the layering in the back.


What is POF D:???

Dating site :stuck_out_tongue: Pray for me


I’ll pray for you to find a companion. Good luck with it. I’ve signed up with before, and I never had any luck finding a suitable companion. If they offer me 50% off again, though, I might try again.


Thanks. Try POF, it’s free for pretty much all features, atleast the ones that really matter, such as messaging :stuck_out_tongue: The chemistry test(for me) seemed to be off, but it seems to be all around a good system for it’s purpose.


I met my girlfriend on POF. Happier than ever. Tomorrow I am buying a nice ham for sandwiches…I love ham.


I just bought myself my favorite pizza! “All the Meats” pizza from Papa Johns. It was delicious :slight_smile:

Its been over 6 months since I’ve been able to afford to treat myself and eat food from a restaurant. I think I deserved it!




When I was at a motel last week, I dialed the advertised Pizza Hut for delivery. They said it would be two hours so I decided to go elsewhere. On exiting the motel, come to find out Pizza Hut was right across the street :stuck_out_tongue:


I treated myself to a new cell phone case, bought it onlne - it arrived today and man is it ugly! I went back to my old cell phone case :smiley:


Wow, you look really cute with it that way!

I got some yogurt? … I really haven’t treated myself lately.