Do you cut your own hair or do you shave your head?

Since 2005, I have been shaving my head bald with a hair trimmer. I initially did it to save money, but came to the conclusion that my hair was unmanageable, and that I would be better off with a shaved head.

Does anyone else cut his or her own hair? If you’re a guy – Do you go to the extreme and shave your head bald?

My OCD acts up. I look at the hairstylists fingers and say to myself" How many times did she use the washroom today? Did she wash her hands after using the washroom?" I don’t want other people’s hands all over my hair. Yuck!

I also shave my head because I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t go as far as to use a razor, I just do it with regular hair clippers. I don’t need anyone else to cut my hair.

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i don’t like people touching me so a hairdresser/barber would creep me out, but this year sometime i am going to shave it all off, it will show up all my scars which i carved into my scalp , but hey, its time to freak my local community out !
take care

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I’m like darksith, other people/strangers touching me makes me very uncomfortable. I cut - shave my own hair into a very short crew cut. I used to have long hair for most of my life, so this is a refreshing change. The style these days for men is short hair and being bald anyways.

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I used to cut my hair very short in some restrooms of one university library, when I lived in my auto in America. Today I have decided my hair to grow.

This is good to know. I thought I was the only person who shaved his head.

Just shaved it off the other day.

Last time i went to the barber she said “did you lose a bet?” She just couldn’t understand someone doing that intentionally, and why would she being God’s/or nature’s gift to mankind? It was offensive and was derived from her conceited innards, and quite shallow as well.

I don’t like strange people cutting my hair, esp. when i know what kind of hatred bubbles inside of them.

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I sort of like my hair a little longer. I just feel better when I can hold onto it. No way will I let a stranger I don’t know come at my head with a sharp implement. I can trim most of it myself and my sis will get the little bits I missed.

I have my own pair of clippers. I just couldn’t see paying money to cut a piece of me off.

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I go to a barber shop. I try my best to keep me clean, comb my hair dress nice just to give impression to others that there is noting wrong with me.

I’ve always refused to go to a hairdresser. Maybe it’s how when I was a kid my mother would wash mine + my brother’s hair in the kitchen sink on Saturday night + then he ran free while I had to sit still while my mother rolled up my hair. One time she took me to a hair stylist + I refused to let them wash my hair. So we left. Can’t stand the feeling of people messing with it.

So I resolved to cut my own many years ago. It looks pretty good - better in the front than the back where I can’t see well.

I’ve been shaving my head with clippers for 10 years now. It’s just easier to manage and maintain. I feel like every time I let someone else cut it, they mess it up. I can do a much better job myself, now that I’m used to it!

I go to a hairdresser and cut my hair short every 3rd month. Sometimes it’s really short.

I used to have loooong hair. It reached my butt. But it’s a days work to get it clean, dry and combed. I hated it. So I asked a friend to cut my hair short. And we dyed it moss green. Haha. My mom almost fainted.

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Oh. I remembered. I skipped school a lot. The teachers didn’t remember my name. I was “the girl with blue hair”. After green I went blue, purple, black, red and brown.

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My sister recently dyed her hair black. I was freaking out a lot because I kept loosing her in a crowd. I couldn’t find her even if she was standing right in front of me. My sis is a redhead. I was having such a fit about this black hair and loosing her all the time, she had it dyed back to her normal colour. Whew…

The long hair story makes me smile. :smile:


close buzz cut once a month. I keep a military hairstyle, sideburns cut off mid-ear and clean shaven

It has been 16 years since I had a hair cut. I too don’t want some stranger behind me with sharp scissors

I used to have hair down to my butt, then I went reallly short, bleached and added colors lots of times. Grew out a bleached Mohawk and shaved steps into my black sides. Then I decided to grow it back out for the last four years, and I hate it. But being a girl, when I had short hair I for some reason had ppl say sir to me and it freaked me out. So I put up with annoying long hair and having to brush it every day for the sake of not attracting attention

I get my hair cut a lot though I’m growing it right now. I also colour it a lot. I like feeling like I have a new hair cut or colour. I’m just waiting to get paid and I will order some more bleach and get it done again. My mum usually does it the colouring and I use a mobile hairdresser for the cut. It’s cheaper to get a wet cut so that’s what I do.