Zounds. I might have to go out

Stir crazy. Forum is slow. Just ate dinner and paid rent.

I’ve sat here all day. It’s still early enough to catch up with people before they make plans. There are still certain people I don’t want to see.

I hope you see that girl from last night! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m going to bed soon. Shopping for groceries tomorrow with dad, then it’s back to the slaughterhouse (aka school) on Monday.

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Hah. Nah she’s not stopping by. She stays in on the weekends to keep herself from drinking.

The rest just seems like a waste of time though.

Hows that going? Is the 2 or 3 week?

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I just had my first week. It was alright, there’s one dude who reminds me of my neighbor, creeps me out, likes to talk loud and stuff. People seem nice. I’ve made friends with a dude from France - we chat on smoke breaks. The theory is fun, and now I have an ally for group projects! :yum:


Hell yeah dude. That sounds awesome.

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The day is flying by. I decided to take today off and do nothing for homework. I’m so exhausted from doing nothing but barely talking to my family. I don’t feel like doing anything.

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Lol. I men 2 hours until midnight here. I actually do feel pretty tired.

you’re awfully wound up so close to midnight.

Been here all day like I said. The desire to leave has passed. I only put on pants/shoes an hour ago to hit the grocery. Typically after I get dressed I feel like getting out and doing something.

what groceries did you get?

Bag of chicken tenders and some orange juice.

I’ll go back when I think of something else I want it’s only a half mile away.

that’s really close to home then. You must live in the downtown?

Do you have grocery clerks that want to discuss every item you buy? Our store must encourage it or something. It’s irritating.

it’s right off of one of the main commercial roads. It’s not downtown though. No bars over here or anything like that.

Not at all. I self check out for the most part anyways. Sometimes I’ll go through the line just for some kind of social interaction.

I feel like each one widdles away at my psychosis.

oh ok. well downtown might be more fun if you’re up for it, but having a grocery store nearby is nice.

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Not a bad idea. I’m just usually social interactioned out by the time I make it to the checkout line.

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Livin’ the life man. :wink:

I hate not being able to cook, I went to my parents’ and we had BBQ salmon and some kind of tapioca dish. Homemade food tastes so good…

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