I did my own manicure and i feel good

next i’ll shower and blow dry my hair, maybe that will make me feel even better.

and to top it off maybe i’ll put on makeup.

then i’ll really hit the charts of joy.

just thought i’d share.

the women here might understand.



What about a bubble bath and an expensive face pack or better yet, one you make yourself?

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I’m impressed. I haven’t painted my toenails since summer. I don’t know why, because I love doing it. Maybe I will tonight. There you go, you’ve inspired me :smile:

mouse, that sounds good. judy

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I will do my nails for Mardi Gras weekend. I found a silver color with sparkles in it.

i just got my hair cut and colored at a real sweet salon. it was great. another pound of joy. judy

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I’m afraid I’m putting on pounds of joy too! :wink:

cool metime. that’s great. judy

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Lucky you are! My mani looks good only if done professionally. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a professional manicure on a regular basis. Only being on vacation, I can pamper myself and visit the professional nail and spa salon. Hope, things will change soon and I`ll become a regular customer of the nail salons.