ToSZ administration,i wiuld think a cured SZ patient wold have the same IQ level as before diagnosed,by cured i mean "normal" or higher than before after exercising great problem solving skills?

SZ@ iq can somone keep or gain iq by becoming a cured SZ patient

I would imagine that having effective treatment to manage symptoms would enable someone to learn more quickly and think more clearly than when untreated.

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Because there is no cure and probably won’t be one anytime soon, nope.

Schizophrenia knocks an average of ten points off ones IQ permanently. Say mine is 134. It was probably 144 before I became schizophrenic.

Now it doesn’t always knock off ten points- sometimes more, sometimes less. Oh I have heard of more than ten points being lost from people on here. I’ve also heard of less.

One thing to keep in mind is that drugs affect intelligence, and very much so. Someone in withdrawal from a drug will perform far below their true intelligence. Someone on performance enhancing drugs will perform at their very very possible best for unnatural periods of time, if not just better than possible without the drug. It’s like steroids and handicaps.

An example is someone taking a test two hours into withdrawal from nicotine, when they usually smoke once every 30 minutes. Probably shaves off ten or 15 points from their performance.

Say someone is on adderal and does not have ADD or ADHD. They will perform the best performance in their life. Take away the adderal (this is, if they don’t have legitimate ADD or ADHD) and they are back to normal, given that they are not addicted to adderal.