Topamax for weight loss


My Dr. prescribed Topamax in addition to my medicine I currently take to help me to combat antipsychotic weight gain that I have gained on Abilify5mg and possibly Lexapro too so I’m hoping it helps me to lose some weight in the few months before I go back to see my Dr. And Also to control my out of control appetite Has anyone else had any Luck on Topamax as far as losing weight goes and how much weight did you lose while on it? I haven’t noticed much difference in my appetite yet but diet coke tastes nasty now when it used to taste good which could be a good thing diet coke isn’t good for you even though its diet its still bad for you according to my Dr. She wants me to drink water and cut down on pop.


I’m on topamax for weight loss, but I don’t think it does anything for me.

What helped me was swiching from invega (where I gained weight) to geodon (where I’m losing weight).


I lost a ton of weight on Topamax. I had an allergic reaction though.


I was on Topamax for my increased appetite and it only helped for a certain amount of time; I guess my body got used to it and it stopped working.
I don’t take it anymore because it made me feel like I need to pull my skin off.


I guess I will have to wait and see if it will work for me and if I lose weight or not on it I only been on it for a week how long before you see results or is everyone different or should I give it at least two weeks or longer before deciding whether or not its working or not?


thanks to everyone who replied to my last message


Give it a month I reckon.


I went from 400 mg of Topomax a day, (for migraines), to 200 mg a day and I still am able to keep my weight within normal limits. I wasn’t put on it to induce weight loss though. It’s to prevent really serious migraines. And for the most part, it works.


I am on only 25 mg of Topamax twice a day my dr. said shed increase if need be for weight loss if need be. I have heard at higher dosage of Topamax you lose more weight is this true or does that depend on the person? I really need to lose the weight I have gained on Abilify5mg which I still take and then maintain the weight I do lose. I am tired of gaining and losing hopefully I found the med that will help me shed some weight and I have also been drinking more water and will start exercising more once the weather warms up and that should help as well.


I took Topamax before and I lost 15 lbs in about 2-3 months …I did not take it for weight loss but I lost.:: i enjoyed it…except for my sudden emotional cry attacks for no reason … soda it tasted funny also it was like the bubbly part was on one side of my mouth and then the taste part was on the other … it didn’t mix well it was like my taste buds separated the ingredients… I believe I was on 100-150 mg a days BUT!!! I had a RARE ALLERGIC REACTION AND I COULD NOT URINATE AS MUCH AS MY BODY NEEDED… so I was switched … this was 3 years ago


Fast forward to present … I’ve been taking Topamax 50mg and they just upped me to 100mg last week and switched my Vyvanse to Adderall a month ago … everyone says I will lose with the combo …if so that’s cool… So far no change in eating habits


Topamax taught me how to be a box of rocks. When I took it, weight didn’t change ; however, I couldn’t remember stuff that I’d done gaming and had blackouts. Scary ■■■■


Anybody get like restless leg? Legs go to sleep ? Or tingle ?


I take 100mgs Topamax for a mood stabilizer but it does help with my appetite. I stopped gaining weight but haven’t really lost any yet. I’m still hoping.


They say topamax makes you stupid though…


Well I’m up to 75 of Top at night … 2 more days and I’m Gonna do the full 100… we will see how it goes


I hope it helps me to lose weight I am giving it a month to see if any change.


I had an allergic reaction too, As I remember it made me not want to eat in an unpleasant way. I didn’t take it long enough to tell about the weight.


Ugh be prepared everyone I know has had rxns to it. (5 people)


What ? I’m confused