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Topamax for weight loss


I know 5 people other than me who had bad rxns to topamax


been on Topamax a month and hasn’t done anything for weight loss my weight hasn’t changed since being on it should upping the dosage help or should I try something else that will actually work need advice on what to do?


I just got upped to 100mg about a week ago … I haven’t lost anything yet…I lost weight on it before… I wonder what is a reasonable mg for weight loss… I don’t take it for weight loss it but it would be nice …


I was taking Adderall for two months and I didn’t lose weight off that either lol


As I’ve said I’d rather die in a fire than take it. It made me stupider than I am now. Didn’t affect weight at all


That’s how Adderall made me feel…and MANY MANY MANY people have said topamax made THEM DUMB


Yeah, I’d be talking and forget what I was talking about or someone would tell me something and I’d forget like 5 minutes later. The worst was I couldnt remember movies or tv shows and my hubby had to give me recaps. I wasn’t on it for weight loss and didn’t change weight


Well I’m rooting for you and I need you to root for me !! :+1:t3::crossed_fingers:t4::+1:t3::crossed_fingers:t4::+1:t3:


thanks but now the Topamax I think is starting to make me feel weird my anxiety is starting to slowly come back can that happen by taking Topamax and I have been on it for a month so long enough to know how its going to effect me thinking of stopping it immediately to see if the anxiety goes away once stopped I hope it does


I never had anxiety but I WAS EXTREMELY emotional at times… I would cry for no reason or be real sad…, it is never good to discontinue to meds without the Drs approval… But I have done it…,


I used to take 400 mg of Topomax daily for migraines. I lowered the dosage, with my pdocs approval, to 200 mg daily. It seems to curb my appetite as I never snack between meals, or rarely anyway. I only have my lukewarm tap water and decaf coffee between meals and I never eat lunch. It seems to keep my weight down.