Topamax for weight loss


so I’ve heard and read this mood stabilizer also works for weight loss but I can’t easily tell what dosage is recommended for weight loss. Does anyone have experience with this drug for weight loss?


I’ve never taken Topomax, and I tried to find a specific dosage for weight loss but couldn’t. That’s probably because weight loss is a side effect of Topomax.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.


I noticed when I attempted to come off this medication a couple of years ago I began gaining weight. Though I don’t take it for weight reasons, it has keeped my weight down.

I take weight gaining anti psychotics and I am slim. I won’t come off topomax medication because of this

I take 400mg a day. (Not for mood stabilising reasons)


it’s ok at least I know it wasn’t just me being dumb, thanks anyway honey


I am taking it for mood stabilization, only 100 mg and my moods aren’t as stable as I would like. I do believe I will ask my pdoc about going up a little on this medication not only for mood but for additional appetite control also. I read all kinds of reviews about great weight loss success with this med and I do notice a difference in my sugar cravings since I started taking it about 6 months ago. In this case I think more may actually be better.


It probably does curb sugar cravings. I rarely ever drink soda, nor do I eat deserts or even take sugar in my coffee or tea.

I eat a relatively healthy diet also. I only generally eat breakfast and dinner. However my dinner is a big portion (I can defiantly eat a big plate)


I was on topamax for a while, but it made me shake really bad. I was already underweight at that point, so it was a bad drug for me.


I’m on topamax for weight loss reasons alone.

I’m only on 50mg. Pdoc won’t go higher.

I’ve not lost any weight but I’m doing other things that would prevent weight loss so I can’t blame the topamax.

Good luck with it.


I noticed when I cut my Topomax dosage in half. From 400 mg a day to 200 mg a day, I gained nine pounds. I’m trying to lose that weight now without the help of the extra Topomax.


oh I wish you good luck, you can do it!


I’m on 400 mg/day. I take it as a migraine preventative, for all that it helps. I’ve been on it for years. My weight has gone up and down several times because of my meds, even with the Topamax. Every time another med is changed, my weight fluctuates again. It hasn’t affected my appetite either way.

After reading what everyone wrote, I am now scared of getting off of it. I don’t want to gain weight!


Topamax made me have short term memory problems. GL


I was taking 200 mg for about two years. For weight management and mood. It was a good med once you get past the dopey phase


I am considering asking my Dr to add Topamax to what I already take which are Abilify5mg terrible for weight gain and I eat everything and I cant help it my appetite is through the roof and I also take Lexapro10mg in the morning which I have forgotten to take for about a week I may go back to taking it at night time I Don’t know what to do as far as Lexapro is concerned. I want to add Topamax to what I am taking to counteract my appetite and decrease it completely I need to do something I feel my clothes are tighter and I have gained fat and maybe even weight too I don’t know we don’t have a scale where I can weigh myself so I guess I have to wait until I go to the dr to step on the scale and I dread it I am afraid I have gained. I need to lose a significant amount of weight like 60 pounds I gained like over 100 pounds since being on psych drugs and I hate that aspect of being mentally ill and having to take weight gaining meds. Has anyone lost weight using Topamax? that’s what I am hoping for my dr mentioned putting me on it in the near future but I am going to ask to be put on it much sooner than later I cant go on and keep gaining weight I am well over 200 pounds and Cant afford to gain anymore it depresses me and makes me feel guilty thinking about that I feel guilty every time I snack and eat just about all day long I need to nip that in the bud I mean completely destroy my appetite for food then maybe I can make progress also I am on CPAP for severe Sleep apnea And that should make it easier for me to lose weight as well.