Topamax for Weight Loss

Has anyone’s psychiatrist prescribed them Topamax to help with weight loss from APs? Mine did, but I don’t find it helping too much.

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HI @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter I take topamax as my mood stablizer to help with weight and it does seem to stop the weight gain but not really help me lose. It’s also supposed to help with headaches and I’ve had a headache for the last month so… I’m not that impressed with topamax actually.

Yeah, I guess it has helped me to not gain, even though I’m not losing! I’m sorry about the headaches! The Topamax is supposed to help me with headaches, too. I get them from Modafinil. Does it help you with your mood?

Topamax gave me the shakes real bad. When I took it, I was already pretty underweight so I didn’t lose more.

I haven’t had the shakes, but I’m tingling all the time! I guess I won’t lose weight on it, just stay the same!

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Topamax made me agressive, angry, and mean.

I didn’t know it could do that! I feel more short with my kids. I wonder if it is having an effect!

Possibly. Irritation and agression is listed as side effects for so.e people. I just reacted strongly. It was bad, like cop cars in my driveway bad.

Oh, I’m so sorry that happened to you!

Yes I took it to lose weight. It really cut down on my appetite but after a while it didn’t. It also interacted with some of my other medications so it threw me off a little. I stopped taking it after a while because it just wasn’t effective.

Hmmm…food for thought! Thank you! Right now, I’m wondering if it can make me manic!

I asked for it and my pdoc said no. So I went to my primary dr and she said no too :confused:

Oooh! Sorry for you! Did they give any reasoning?

They said it has too many side effects

Way bummer! That’s really hard! But it does indeed have side effects.

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I’m also not allowed sleep medicine or anti anxiety meds

Why can’t you take them?

The docs believe if I am too anxious or not sleeping I need an adjustment of my AP

But I am allowed to take Doxepin at night to help me sleep. It is also for my depression. It’s an old school antidepressant

I can track with the adjustment to the AP. I never heard of Doxepin.

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