Topomax as mood stabilizer?

My pdoc and i have been talking about adding a mood stabilizer. He seems to be pushing Depakote but Ive heard a bit about Topomax and have done some research. I am interested in it because it promotes weight loss instwas of weight gain. But it is only used off label for bipolar and there havent been too many studies on it for bipolar, apparently. Is anyone taking this? Does it work for your mood symptoms?

Topamax gave me bad tremors and didn’t do anything to help my moods. It’s not a mood stabilizer. I took it for migraines, and it didn’t do anything to help those, either.

If you are suffering with moderate to severe mood swings then I don’t suggest you go on Topamax.
Topamax is a very weak mood stabilizer and can be useful as an add on to promote weight loss for certain over weight patients.

I take Topomax for migraines. I take 400 mg a day. I am sza so, it might be helping with mood regulation who knows? My mood has been very even and stable now for the last thirteen years. My weight is stable and within normal limits too.