Top 5 worst things to suffer from...?

in your opinion what are the top 5 worst things to suffer from…?

1.paranoid schizophrenia 2-5 whatever

1 paralised

2 back pain

3 psychosis

4 stroke

5 brain damage

  1. schizophrenia with terminal cancer
  2. schizophrenia with stroke
  3. schizophrenia with paralysis
  4. schizophrenia with another organic brain disease
  5. schizophrenia

You see my point.

  1. loving someone and not being loved back
  2. depression
  3. schizophrenia (or any mental illness)
  4. loneliness
  5. acne

not in a particular order. what do u guys think


For me it’s negative symptom. That inability to feel anything. I call it Wax Build-up, and I hate it.

Made me laugh…acne! wtf!

  • death
  • torture
  • deaf/blindness
  • paralized
  • serious mental illness

i think the worst things for me would be if i was famous having paranoid schizophrenia AND having the paparazzi after me would be poo plus being paranoid and having tourettes. shouting fatty and shorty at strangers etc

Lonely without that feminine love from a woman & interdependence on each other,
One of my kids later on having voices,
Not living up to my full potential,
No legacy left to the next generation,
My health deteriorating.

3.muscular dystrophy

Mine is Delusion,
And the side effect that i will later develop

Hearing voices that are a pain the ass 24 hrs a day does beat just about everything because there is nothing you can do to escape it. At least with some other conditions there is medicine which makes it better. For me no medicine does anything.

Cerebral paulsy

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Do you have tourettes? I do. It can be a really painful disorder. Abilify has made my tics go away. Most of them anyway. I don’t say ugly words anymore. :slight_smile:

Acne can make you feel very ugly, even if it’s only a few pimples.
You obviously have never been cursed with a skin condition, which is why you can’t understand how crippling it can be.
It isn’t a laughing matter.


Amplitude, you hit the nail on the head.
The only things I could contribute would be:
Chronic pain.

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well i have some sort of rash on my back from wearing sweaty clothes…I didnt mean to make fun, it just seemed to me that stuff like all of the subtypes of schizophrenia or cancers or paralysis would make the top five. I’ve noticed celebrities wear cover up on pimples.

Torturous, constant pain.
Mental Illness.

No order.

the truth is you probably can’t rate it. Pain is pain no matter how you look at it. I’m sure people with physical conditions without knowing schizophrenia very well would prefer mental health problems not knowing what it’s like. for Schizophrenia you do have to take in account the social stigma that you feel too and shame and whether your symptoms from the disease and medication are manageable.