Having schizophrenia is it really that bad


in fact it’s worsethere could be other experiences worst of us


In my opinion, it is the worst psychological disorder, I have had others before graduating to chronic paranoid scz. There are other diseases that will just kill you or make you physically in agony, though. I think mental pain is worse, in fact my ■■■■■■ up head just makes me disregard my body’s limits. I have done extreme things in sports and I just didnt care, the pain was nothing compared to what my mind has been through. I used to be anorexic, had OCD, was depressed, not in that order, and I was molested and bullied, had a near death experience, yeah other stuff too, the list is like Santa’s list of children.

So yeah, it is that bad, it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me, and it is life long. This ■■■■ doesnt go away. In some cases, it dissipates with age, but at this rate my heart and liver and gonna be bum by 60 so there goes sane years in retirement. Other disorders are “get-over-able” but this ■■■■ is not. Therapy does not cure it. Nothing cures it. The medicine just helps. We’re all ■■■■■■, so lets just do something to distract us from it.


I may not be in agony every day, but some days are pretty tough, and sz took a lot from my life - I never went to university after high school because I got sick, and I missed out on a lot of things because of sz. So its really bad, but I would rather have sz than cancer or blindness or have a leg missing. Sz might have took a lot from my life, but it also gave me a new perspective and I found God, so it was a blessing in disguise as well as a curse at times.


I understand what you’re saying. Often it seems like it’s nothing at all because I’ve been like this since childhood and I’m so used to it. When I step back however I realize how completely alone I am, how many people I’ve hurt, how depressed and sick I feel all the time, and how I’ve lost my chance to interact with and contribute to society. I tend to laugh it off about how I’m “crazy and it’s funny really” but other people really are harshly affected (sometimes violently) by it and it’s no joke. I guess count your blessing that you’re not dying and that change may happen for you.


Its certainly worse than not having schizophrenia. So many different disorders and phenomena of the mind. Its hard to find proper treatment or even relate to other people with schizophrenia. Its all so different from person to person. I feel mine is all cognitive. I got voices but I cant really make sense out of them, why would my brain do this to itself. They are really ■■■■■■■ evil those voices.


Maybe not right at this moment.
But for the last 35 years? Yes, it is really that bad.
I guess it’s better than dying from AIDS though.


I don’t say sz is worst but it’s very worst,why??Can you imagine a cerefree 14-15 years old kid with a huge future infront of him being demolish because of sz??his communication skill dropped and things got worst and worst eve with medication,I feel it’s as bad as being sentence to jail for 20 years

But I cannot complain since this is the reality but I can bring down the stress level and cut down my responsibility in order to feel better


Why do you say dying from aids is better than sz lol??


Bad, yes for most. But maybe not the worst brain disease. I’d rather have sz than Alzheimer’s or a serious stroke.


I think the stigma (aids vs sz) is about the same though.


I didn’t, I said schizophrenia is better than dying from AIDS.


Yea,misread,I think it’s really better than dying from aids