Too many people tracking me

Gotta leave this place. Run and don’t turn back. This is my “farewell.”

If your thinking of running away and being homeless, I’ve been down that road. No one is tracking you, its all in your head. Call your psychiatrist they’ll know what to do. Running away may seem like the only answer but that’s what your disease wants you to believe. Its messing with your head any way it can. Running away won’t stop it, it will only make things worst without medication. Please don’t do this.


No one is tracking you @anon40540444 - Please call your psychiatrist, things will get better soon.


No one is tracking you here, no need to run anywhere. Talk to your pdoc, you get us worried here.

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Hey, Alien - how are you doing today? Sounds like a rough night. What happened?

Disable tracking in your Internet browser. Or, you can use Safe Browsing.

I moved once because two jets flew directly over my house and made a perfect x trail. Huge mistake.

There is something called TOR browser that is VERY safe if you are paranoid about internet issues.


I started getting paranoid about jets just before I was hospitalised.

I was hospitalized 1 month later.

my gosh @anon40540444 it is upsetting to hear you in such a state of mind? I hope you check back in some time.

Those X trails have creeped me out in the past as well

Yeah, I was living very near an airport in a very populated city. Helicopters and all, yep creepy it was.

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I live near a miliatary base, and there are jets and stuff flying around all the time and scare me. When I go outside and I see one I haveto crouch on the ground and hope they don’t see me. It’s so scary.

@anon40540444 No need to run. I have been there before, and then my sister let me hide on her farm for a whole year, away from society. Today I am glad I didn’t go be homeless. I think you should talk to someone about this.

Don’t go @anon40540444. You are so cool and you make me laugh.

I can say at least I’m not tracking you. I may have no life but I don’t have time to stalk people.

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