Running away

I have had this burning feeling inside that makes me feel like I need to pack up and run away.
A house is all I’d really be leaving, no friends no family, so why shouldn’t I?
I’d be running away from my past. I hate thinking about the dark place that I used to live in.
Some times I wish I could drink it all away but drinking just makes my symptoms worse.
Drugs make my symptoms worse. I have no escape. And all I can think of is leaving town.
I have to, I dream about it. I wish there was a way to change my name, and my identity, I don’t want to be me anymore.

Do it, you have listed multiple reasons and a cause… so you’re serious about this decision. If I had $2000 and a passport I would book a one way to Spain and never look back.

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just from experience i know that leaving a place and starting ’ fresh ’ is a good thing, i have done this all my life.
my philosophy is to stay where i am , try and change the ’ situation ’ for the better , if i can’t, i then leave.
take care

I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time. I fantasize about moving to far away places - new areas, like Colorado or Maine, but even if I did move my problems will still follow me. Have you ever considered talking to someone professionally? Like a therapist with a good track record, someone approachable. This way you can resolve family, romantic, personal issues that may arise. Running away towards the unknown is never a good idea, if you become psychotic you could be easy prey from bad elements - dark people, like drug rings, prostitution rings etc… If you are running away from danger, I would go to a shelter of some sort, there are plenty of women’s shelters around Im sure. Never ever leave on your own anyways, take a good friend or relative, but unless your life is in danger, I dont think running away is a good idea - good luck to you


Colorado and Maine are cool… I’ve lived in Maine, been to Colorado a few times…
Running away can benefit in certain situations, especially if people in your town were abusing you or getting you into drugs and just not good stuff. But if you move somewhere else must be sure to avoid any people who might do same, then you are safe.
Inner personal issues will come right along with you though, BUT sometimes the change of location gives you a new enthusiasm and a positive outlook so at first things may actually be better with the personal stuff.

A therapist no matter how good they might be is only going to see you one hour a week, or maybe every 2 weeks…might give you some suggestions, but in reality the other 167 hours in the week are yours and you have to live with them. So you have to make the best of those hours.