Running Away/Going Away?

At 23 years old I went out with whatever money I had and decided to take a bus trip from Philly to Canada, through Canada, and down to Los Angeles. So I got to Montreal and walked off the bus and I must have walked a good 4-5 miles. Then I decided to sell my bus ticket to Vancouver. I ended up staying in Montreal for 4 months. I met some people that I got to hang with and all. Eventually I was asked to return to the States. ( I think because I started using drugs with different people). I really thought that I ran into this one dude when I vacationed at the Jersey Shore at about pre-teen early teen age. Anyway, I returned to Philly and I was able to crash on some couches for a couple weeks. But for the next 8 months I didn’t want to be around anyone. I just wanted to walk the street, sleep in a park, and eat from garbage cans. I didn’t really want to panhandle either.

So i lived through a hurricane and a snow storm while outside.

That was 10 years ago…

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I go through that often even at 40 years + I still want to run away and join the circus. Comes down to the one person you can not run away from is yourself.

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I don’t know if i would have survived that. The climate in my town is pretty mellow.

I don’t know exactly how long I was living in Queen Anne park, but I did panhandle. I stayed in my hometown. Eventually I went to a different park and tent city further away from my neighborhood, but I was still in the main city. I too had to dumpster dive and with no meds and all the drugs I was on… I call those my rabid times.

My family kept looking for me and every time they found me, I’d run away again. I was too ashamed I guess… Or too out of my head… but eventually I ended up so bad that I ended up getting on the radar and the police brought me in to the hospital.

My family really kept an eye on me then. I got put in group homes and they checked up on me a lot. I remember always feeling spied on. It’s one of the few times I didn’t even like having my sis around as much.

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wow, that seems adventurous except the drugs part. Why did you wish to leave Philly for so long?

When I was 9 or maybe 10, I also ran away from my home. That was just for a day. I wandered around and I guess I walked for 5 or 6 hours that day. It must be more than 4 or 5 miles. Can’t remember now. The thing that dragged me back was a fear of having no home (covered place) to sleep :smile: and biting of some stray dog in the night. Literally, just because of that naive thought I went back. My memory is good so I had all that sort of map in my mind. By joining some clues, I eventually reached home safely.

That was 19 years ago :smiley:

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Do you think you could do it now, or has a soft life made you too soft? I’ve spent a little time on the road, and it can feel pretty good, but it is also very dangerous. Things could go to ■■■■ if you got seriously injured out there.

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i took off for 3 days with no shoes or underwear or suncream!

it was summer and i hung around and begged, stole food, kissed a couple of teenagers, smoked some dope with a guy in a car, shouted at some people, drank some cider with rough sleepers, sat around a fire on a beach with a bunch of girls.

i wish i could have done it a lot longer in some part of me.

i think it’s good i didn’t as particularly vulnerable female. Did take off another time - stayed in a b and b and tried to get to india.

when i was sane i travelled in Africa for 3 months that was pretty fun.

I’m married and sane ish these days. I think it’s amazing that it’s a choice to be out like that. it was for me for certain. I’m glad in a way. makes me feel less bad. When people want to get back together there is a little bit of help but not much.

Drugs were a thing for me in my teens.

the away moments were about 10 years ago for me too now - when i was about 30

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I do wonder of doing it again. I have guaranteed money without working so I could narrowly get by. So if I would I would just bus around the country. Although to walk across the state would be a big accomplishment. I have walked as far as 40 miles and another time 30 miles. That’s another story. So I guess I would say I’ve seen enough and I’m better off staying put. I don’t gotta work hard and I spend a lot of money on myself!

I’ve run away only in my mind. I guess there was the time at 24 when I decided to drive out to Oregon to reinvent myself and start a new life. I came to my senses a little less than halfway there though and turned around in the morning.

I suppose I never really felt the need to run away in my youth though as there was plenty of adventure to be found right in my backyard. I’ve always been far too neurotic to run off and live in a tent or otherwise not have a place to call home.

Eating from garbage cans is more dangerous in hot weather. I would hate to be living on the street and very sick.