Today I went to the pdoc

so today I went to the pdoc and he put me back on the Solian that worked so well. I also asked him about my proper diagnosis because there was some confusion about it and I doubted my sz diagnosis again. He said I have sz as well as borderline personality disorder. Which explains some things like cutting and all the rages and moodiness I have been experiencing. it cleared a lot up for me, because a lot of what I was experiencing wasn’t seeming to be from the sz. Only problem is now my husband doesn’t believe I have sz at all. How on earth do I deal with that? I had several pdocs over the years diagnose me with sz, I can’t just dismiss it like that! But I’m relieved my pdoc clarified about the borderline, because I suspected I had it all along.


I’m so glad your getting some answers and feeling better.

As far as your husband… SZ, Borderline personally disorder… you’ve been suffering and trying to hold on. I’m sure he sees and understands that. As long as he loves you and is supportive of you, I’d say let the diagnosis have some time to sink in for him.

You just found out and it makes sense to you… He’s on the outside looking in… so it might take a little more time for him to make sense of all this. He’s still with you and he loves you so be patient and let it sink in.

I wonder if some co-therapy for the two of you would help. Not Marriage counseling or anything but a Co-session with your Pdoc so your husband could know and understand what’s going on. It’s a learning process to be sure. But he sounds like he is a good man who is willing to learn.

Congratulations on getting some answers. I hope you feel even better very soon.


Hi Saadiqah - I am glad that you got some important answers, and that you are on the right road when it comes to your medications. Borderline is not the end of the world - there are treatments for it :sunny: