Went to pdoc yesterday - a better diagnosis

So i went to my pdoc yesterday and it went so well, she clarified all my doubts and questions. She was shocked that the doctors at the hospital said I have anxiety disorder and wondered why they would say that and still give me AP meds. She told me no I may have an anxiety disorder but I do have sz. We talked about my history and how i used to get these major mood swings along with voices and delusions, and we agreed and came to the conclusion I have sza.

I was so glad with the new diagnosis - it explained my mood problems. Usually when i went to hospital it was always due to a mixed episode (depression with mania) which led me to cut and into a crisis. Not so much the voices, although they were there too.

We also discussed if my husband and I could try for a child, but I ended up saying I am not for it and she warned I am at high risk for post-partum psychosis. And said think of the child’s welfare. I agreed and fortunately my husband accepts it.

Feel so relieved! Sza explains it all so much better. :slight_smile:


I’m happy that you got things clarified! I’m also sza and I feel like it explains a lot.

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It seems like hearing such a thing would be bad news but really it’s a relief to finally know what’s wrong. I hope knowing this brings you peace. Now you know the enemy you’re fighting against.


@Leaf said IT the best. To win a battle you must know your enamy ~sun tzu, the art of war


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