Went to my pdoc today


So I went to my pdoc today, and was disappointed - he was too busy to see me so I was handed over to another pdoc instead, who never saw me before. I had so many questions and symptoms to share - and I had to share it with a stranger. Anyway, she decided to not change my dosage at least for the next month to see if I stabilise after going off my meds for a few days and returning on them. I also discovered that my borderline personality disorder has been confirmed, and it seems to be worse than my sz. The voices have calmed down since the stress I had had lifted and my pills kicked in again. We will see what next month will bring, and hopefully I will see my old pdoc again. I also found out I can apply for a disability grant through the hospital, so I am hoping to do that next month. The pdoc said I must revisit my old DBT notes I got when I was in hospital, to see if it will help my borderline, but I don’t know, because it didn’t do much for me when I was in hospital. Felt a little down when I got home. Hubby is very supportive and said I can call him when I am angry and use him as a boxing trainer! Sweet!


I did DBT. The thing with DBT is that you have to practice it daily. You don’t just magically learn the skills. You have to use them daily in your everyday life to pick them up. I’m not BPD and I learned so much from it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Maybe when you read those old notes before, you were not in the right place to get anything from them.
I bet you are now…
Hope you can see your regular doctor soon!


It took me a long time of absorb my CBT skills and even to this day… I have to go back and revisit them and re-remind myself to use the tools I’ve been taught.

@Saadiqah, did you get along with the new doc? Were they at least nice?


Yes, she was friendly and informative, I can say that at least