Went to pdoc today for follow up after hospital

Been a while again with me, it’s been really good since I last wrote after leaving hospital. Maybe that’s why I don’t come on here so much. But I thought I’d update you guys on my news.

Today I went to outpatients at psych hospital and saw pdoc. She asked me many questions about my psych history and symptoms and how I feel now.

I asked her about my diagnosis because the psych hospital I had gone to (in another area of city which I don’t fall under anymore now I’m home) couldn’t diagnose me past a “working” diagnosis.

I asked her if I still have sza and she said there’s a definite schizo (psychosis) element along with borderline and anxiety. Asked if it’s sz or sza and it could be either but probably more sza because of moods.

However my moods could be due to borderline not sza, so I may have sz after all. I will ask more about it on next follow up which will be on 9 March

Hope you guys keeping well!



It’s good to see you on here @EarthChild
Glad you are doing better!


I’m glad you’re feeling better. I hope you get the answers you’re looking for

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happy to hear you doing better!
I hope you get the actual dx soon.

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