Went to see my pdoc today - new diagnosis

Just came out of my session. Quite a lot to take in…

He says I don’t only have sza but I also have borderline personality disorder. That i have complex mental health problems. That he can’t help me much but he said I must get into state sector and under a whole mental health team. It’s a lifelong condition that won’t go away. And he said I have self sabotage because I keep on denying my condition when I know I have it.

Sounds a bit like he’s upset but anyway - maybe the state team will help better. Maybe my sza and bpd is too severe for private Dr’s… actually when I was under state pdoc’s they also picked up the borderline…

Does make sense that I have bpd as well bcuz my moods too quick and I get rages. He said my short hypomanic episodes not really hypomania but can be from borderline. Also explains my cutting urges.

So there you have it - I’m a basket case lol! :laughing::laughing:


I never thought you were crazy, before you got diagnosed with bpd. Therefore I don’t think you are crazy now.

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When i was young i was diagnosed BPD and schizoaffective as well. They changed it later to schizotypal PD (schizotypal PD and BPD have some similarities).

I have heard that aging can better BPD. I have known people with BPD who was very ill when young and got very much better.
I hope you find some help.


I wouldn’t read too much into the diagnoses. Sure you probably have mental health issues, but doctors don’t know everything. If you got a second opinion from another doctor they might give you a different diagnosis. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take your doctor seriously, I’m just saying don’t read too much into it. I believe we get better mental health if we stay positive and open, and don’t think too much about our diagnosis. Don’t let the diagnosis become like a self fulfilling prophecy, if you know what I mean.

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Did he change your meds? There is no meds for personality disorder afaik. Just therapy. Did he recommend therapy?

@Aziz yes he did mention therapy. That I need to see a whole team of mental health professionals not just a pdoc. He didn’t change my meds but added a low dose of antidepressant. I think 10mg citalopram if I’m not mistaken…

I’m just a bit confused though about if it’s sza or sz. The borderline makes sense - and the sza as well, but when I asked him about the short hypomanias I get, he said they don’t qualify for hypomania episodes. So is it sz instead of sza?.. But anyway… will hear from state pdocs. Maybe still sza because I had major depression before a lot. That lasted for months sometimes.

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You know what’s so funny? When i first saw my present pdoc (about 2013), and had called him in crisis, he said I’m not sick enough to go to state hospital but must come see him.

Now he’s saying I must go to state hospital, that my problem is too much for him to handle! Complete opposite of what he originally said!


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My best friend has BPD. She did DBT, dialectical behavior therapy, for 2 years. See if you can get into that when you’re under state care. It really helped her.

I can’t remember but my counselor miss diagnosed me.

I think a lot of people get miss diagnosed. :smiley: :smiley: