Today I have got a few friends to talk to

It’s not too bad. I still have a few friends to chat with. When I can’t sleep, I can still write on the forum. I want to console myself with these facts. I can talk freely to them. They are kind and accepting to me. They are taking care of me. I am often someone who needs individual attention and special care. I don’t know why I’m like this. I attribute this to early life experience. I have abusive elder siblings. Im often helpless and crying to ask for help as a child. I really wish I’m someone else. I dont want to be a weak person all the time. Life is too much for me. My disability is too much a challenge to me. Tonight I told mom I love u. Since no one but me take my mom out for dinner on mothers day, she is disappointed. My mom said if you love me, listen to my words and take all the med. I therefore took my med according to her wish. I am having too much stress lately. Don’t want to relapse. The worst thing is to relapse again. I freeze and shut down today at work. My colleague noticed and asked me to stop working. Must be the stress dealing with the gym. I’m feeling at the edge. It’s actually really difficult to live my life on my own. I need a parents’ custody.


I miss my friends but I want see a therapist and help out a hobo see if he can live in my house at Samoa it’s got like 6 rooms

Eat lots of different food if you can senses fail get vitamins vitamin e and stuff mm mirrors and I got potassium glutamate it says it’s good for the nerves ugh I dunno it’s irellevant and melatonin and drink ensure gots vitamins in there and eat the gummy vitamins:)!

I’m glad you still have your Mom and Dad. I’m glad your talking to friends and back on here more. It’s nice to see you.

Your elder siblings are mean and they didn’t even be kind to their own mother. I hope you can find a way not to let their selfishness affect you.

I’m glad your going to take your meds and fight for getting better.

Be kind and patient to yourself. It takes time to heal.


**Heres a moms hug for you OO :yellow_heart: **

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