To eat or not to eat- pork?

That was cooked on Monday , and is in the fridge.

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If in doubt, throw it out …


I wouldn’t risk it.
Throw it out!


As far as I’m concerned, pork is never fit for human consumption.


It’s a tricky one as all the sites are saying 3-4 days.

I think it’s fine. Go for it!

If it was undercooked you could be in trouble.

It had been cooked in tin foil for about 3.5 hours.

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Go for it I say.

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Then I would go for it.
I think you’ll be fine.

If you decide to have it make sure you cook it well

Don’t chance it. Bacteria begins growing and really spreads within a few days. Saving one meal isn’t worth the possible food poisoning.

I erred on the side of caution and chucked it.


I would be surprised if you got sick from it. was cooked in the evening, so it hasn’t been even 3 full days.

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