To Anyone that is "Schizophrenic" and knows that it is not a disease

You are here to aid those who cannot see because you have been blessed with what has seemed to be a separate socially acceptable curse… until you are able to embrace your gift of sight- being led to find spiritual family that exist all around the world. You may be in tune more than others, and not everyone can hear the voices as clearly. As in the 1950’s from technology to spirituality. Drugs have often opened some people up to understanding “love is all you need”, which is unconditional. (1970’s) I cannot change anybody, nor would I wish to, the only happiness I can affect is my own. Therefore if society is telling you something is wrong with you, they are attaching conditions to loving you the way that you are which is their need for breaking down their walls and returning to the childlike perspective of God. No judgments…Technically any person of faith is preaching the relative same shpeal. Which is that God talks through us all if we allow it. Jesus proofread miracles as well as many others, and if you were a profit of the “lord” back in the day you were crazy(Noah) Compation to all those who believe they are right, because clearly this world needs more people in their ego attacking others for what they don’t understand about themselves and their limitation. Each person is allowed to make their own decisions and many have been programed by society to explain what is normal. Speaking to those who do not understand you will only make you feel alienated and alone; metaphorically/metaphysically you are trying to relate to a wall because they are not open( if someone is open, they would not say no to prayer, they wouldn’t be trying to interrupt you or become angry) nor can they comprehend the sensations that you feel.
We are all one individually-you may be the arms while I am the legs(meaning we cannot change the world alone) and we are on a flow of a spiritual awakening…
When you are in a state in your mind, your imagination is the foundation for creation(beliefs)(Inventors)(visionaries). So you must learn to focus on your own personal happiness(loving yourself for who you are-in your spirit you are one, you are God. You are human and you are not perfect by definition of obtainment. However you are perfect in that you are growing/becoming what you are by being present in the moment. Which is part of the duality of being multidimensional. Because all is…You are what you are…Unity of speaking up for those who do not have a voice. Your brothers and sisters are here to help you as one.
If this were the case in your life, the earth is flat to others
while you have seen that it is round…
Simply putting that all life is…is a choice. You can “imagine” demons or angels and bring whatever YOU FOCUS on into your life. And if your intentions are noble, then why would you ever be cursed by God? Love has no ego. God is love for being able to be in connection with everything, Love transcends time and allows you to dream of anything you wish to be. (Which in all cases, is happy)
To find and embrace yourself. Society deems that you are not normal because you have been sent here to be unique. If you do not properly protect yourselves by understanding that you see these things for a reason then your gifts shall curse you.(Prayer works folks) Through prayer you can cure just about anything(unless somebody doesn’t believe)…cause guess what you have been given the gift of creation. If you speak, it will be. What you focus on you get, what you seek you shall find…Laws of attraction.
You have been brought here for the understanding and accession of humanities pure love perspective. And when you see entities by whichever nature you decide, does it not effect the energy of the atmosphere, and when someone is plagued with a demon is it not to do with their own personal choices of not understanding themselves? Which is why you are here, to aid yourself (love yourself) work on yourself. live for yourself, which in turn will help everyone based upon your expanding consciousness. Not all entities are nice. and spirit will also drive you crazy until you understand your are blessed. So sometimes those demons are you-not making the choice to get out of bed and want to live.
I cannot change anyone, I am merely able to change my perception so that I can be the example that I would like to see in the world. that you can perceive that others cannot for the time. Being able to see auras, creatures, entities, spirits…all of which are deemed manifestations of our individual minds. We are collective and came here for love. Love is sent into darkness to clear it out. Your words and love can change the world…I have to much to say really.
Hell is in your mind
Heaven is in your heart
You will understand both when you keep your feet on the ground-balanced without self condemnation


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There was some good stuff in there, but sz is a disease man.

I like the hell is in your mind heaven is in your heart.

Take care.

A disease is a dis-ease of the body
personal peace is personal peace
Thats like saying everyone needs to be a prostitute-opinions are like onions
They make people cry because your set on saying you know whats best for another…seperating yourself
We make money in life because that is the currency exchange
We decide what makes us happy, and someone with Schizophrenia could probabley tell you your life partner and you are staying together out of fear because spirits told them…but you wouldn’t know until you started to ask yourself if you really know what happiness is. Its not co dependent =) but interdependent

I just mean we do the best that we can, until we learn

Well it’s a brain disease and that is part of the body. Even if it was a spiritual thing then it could still be something that reduces ease or in other words disease. We not gifted, were troubled. It takes a lot of patience and exploration to see through the mess. Belief will only prolong things. If your sz is real then my sz is real and that means that the other 99% of the population are telepathic masters. Utter nonsense man. If their telepaths then it is them who are blessed and not us.

Keep yourself grounded dude. Good luck.

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Blessing brother <3

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I have struggled since I was 18 years old. Seeing spiritual entities, demons…etc…and it wasn’t easy, nor was I able to relate to 99% of that population. I felt alone and complacent in just random adventures that would not better explain myself in understanding why I have been born like this. I have avoided pills and other mind altering substances because it only heightened what was happening. I fought through and I began to realize that through prayer and meditation I was able to become balanced and become grounded. It is a struggle; and not an easy one. What it has helped me to see is that anybody with a struggle is beautiful because we cannot imagine but by our own struggles can we relate to them in other ways or in similar. Ive tried to stay grounded and all I have found is that devotion to “God” is the servitude to ourselves/others. I don’t have all the answers nor would I claim to have them. I understand that we are to be non judgmental for another trails. I know that through the aura when we have holes is when we hear these voices. Which is why I have tried shamans etc…Pills take away having to understand why you were born like this; the hell of having to deal with what we don’t understand just so we can make it through the day and sleep at night. I pray often…It helps but it doesn’t mean I don’t have to stay constant from being overwhelmed. In order to walk on water, you must first become the water. In order to help someone recovering from alcohol, you probably won’t be taken into consideration or have any merit until you know someone had to go through the same process to relate to. I see things all the time, in people, in my imagination and not all of them are real. Only when I find my inner peace of working through the mess was I able to find that love was the answer for everything. It may not make sense but I know that we are here to be connected and we cannot live a life alone and truly be happy. We all have to come down from the mountain at some point to share our joy. Happiness cannot be truly real until we share it. Just as a vet who comes back from war cannot relate to others who haven’t been, nor do they feel comfortable bringing up such pain. Nobody is separate from being blessed, some of our blessings don’t seem to be. Such as not every painter is meant to be a realist

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Some of us weren’t born this way. I had drug habits and poor lifestyle and delusional beliefs that led me to a breakdown. I’ve learned so much though through the experience. Like you it wasn’t until I found peace with myself and the world that I was able to really turn the tide of this. Sorry your a lifer. Normal life is good to experience, do your best to imagine a head without the mess. At this point I hardly relate to anyone even other schizophrenics. Not a chance in hell I can truly relate to a normal. I’m on the way back though, it’s been quite the journey. I now know to stay away from drugs. I now see how awesome my friends and family are. They aren’t nearly as judgemental as I thought before I went schiz. God or no god life is a journey. If you try you will be capable of many great things. Life is long enough to make some mistakes and still fix your ways. Really it’s pretty cool. Your an interesting fellow Orion. Good posts.

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I agree with much here with these noteable exceptions:

  1. We are NOT God. We are made in Gods image and with that comes some untapped abilities and knowledge, but we are far from being all powerful Creator.

  2. While we can certainly imagine things into existence given the right circumstances, angels and demons are distinctly separate and external entities.

  3. Hell isn’t something simply in the mind, it is the ultimate destruction of body and soul, yet the SPIRIT returns to God. This is a sound Biblical truth since it never once mentions spirit going to hell, only body and soul. Ecclesiastes mentions the spirit returns to God who made it at death. Complete ‘salvation’ is the eternal continuance of soul and spirit, reunited with a resurrected body…"Hell’ is the separation of soul and body from spirit.

  4. While drugs have been known to open portals of the mind into spirit, they are tricky and should not be sought since the Holy Spirit is fully capable of revealing to people without the aid of drugs, and even for people who may have had an experience of this nature from drugs, once the door is open they do not need and should not continue to seek these experiences through drugs

However, it is true you can bring whatever you focus on into your life, you should always protect yourself lest gifts curse you…and prayer certainly works.

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Orion I know these sorts of beliefs are not popular on this site but I am with you. My exeriences all led to revealstory visions that showed how everything is interconnected. Much much more powerful than anything experienced on hallucinagens.

And lunaseer before the great genocides and inquisitions and book burnings. Their were entire other gospels from the bible if Christian is the route you want to take. They found some of them in what we
Now call the nag hamadhi library. It’s worth researching.

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I agree so far, that we should remember our free will to do both good and bad even if we are “sick”. I dont really like people who say “Im so sick today”, when what they really mean is: This guy insulted me or this girl doesnt like me. Be a human not a disease.

Yep im with that God stuff also in fact I think that I may be a angel.

But I was thinking on some posts last and I can appreciate where the non believers come from when they say religious stuff aggrevates their symptoms.

These are very inspirational anecdotes thank you very much you guys really made my day.

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I wasn’t raised with a religious up brining, but I am open fully to love and kindness.

Love is a great feeling and so ample in the universe. I wish more would ride the wave and open themselves fully to the possibility of love.

I do see Sz as a disease… my meds keep me stable.

But I’m glad to have another positive soul around. Good luck and welcome.

Oh yeah I forgot.

I just want to chime in on the theorizing.

I don’t think its spiritual or a diseaes for me believing its spiritual would mean that we deserve it for something did or didn’t dp in this life or a previous one and I just can’t believe that.

Believing its a disease in terms of it was “caught” because outside influence is just not doing it for me either but I can quantify this opinion by a valid example of the world.

If it is acquired for lack of a better word by a harsh life of abuse then why aren’t there millions and millions of us?

If its acquired through drug use why aren’t all the hippies schizo? They did massive amounts of psychedelics and weed,there are millions of them…wheres the millions and millions of schizos from the 60’s?.

Just my opinions.


you should really read this link

it says that children who has been abused have more than three times as large risk of becoming schizophrenic than others. And that this risk is higher than if your mother was scizo, that is the genetic component.

!!!THIS POST CAN BE A TRIGGER SO DONT READ IF THIS IS A SENSITIVE SUBJECT!!! Yeah thats exactly my belief that ts genetic so were born with it and stress which has been proven to have negative effects on the body with more than just the brain but like with ulcers too can trigger sz in those where its already present but dormant.

I know that I was born with it and its my opinion people can’t admit that because of the shameful stigma that comes with that admittance it’s prolly on a subconscious level that people relate a genetic brain disorder with what they learned in school.

From seeing how the “special” kids were treated because they were born with a disorder.

Its common for even insensitive adults to call something retarded when expressing a negative opinion.

When people admit they are born defective they consider themselves retards and remember how those poor kids (God bless em) were either pitied or ridiculed for how they were born.

Interesting. I agree.

I do believe I was just born with a cross wired head and that was the hand I was given.

Yeah I get most of my beliefs from stuff seen so it’s like proven to me and one example for me that says stress doesn’t trigger sz for everyone is a best friend I had in junior high school that was born in el Salvador and raised there until he was 12 and left during the revolution.

He witnessed his mother and sisters raped tortured and murdered and everybody there was living in fear of their lives daily along with starving now that is stress.

Well he’s not sz he’s not even jaded by what he’s been through in fact he’s one of the most kind,intelligent,and balanced people that iv ever met.