Schizophrenia, A Spiritual Condition

Many doctors, psychiatrists, even scientists do not truly know what schizophrenia is. They know that certain brain chemicals are involved, like too much dopamine at certain receptor sites. Other chemicals could be involved too, like glutamate etc… Check on a brain of a schizophrenic - have an MRI done, chances are that you will see a normal brain. The truth of the matter is, and yes it is my opinion and belief that there is more to schizophrenia than just abnormal chemical imbalances. Or maybe the abnormal imbalances in our brains is what is making us highly sensitive people. We are in tuned to things most people cannot see or hear. I guess this makes us “crazy” so doctors pacify us into submission with powerful psychotropic medications. We are shunned by many people because we carry the schizophrenia label. Society sees us as being weak and out of touch with reality.
Yes maybe we are out of touch with reality - their reality. Not ours. I believe we are very sensitive individuals who are so sensitive, we can detect supernatural entities. Spirits, aliens, ghosts, communication with spirits, foreseeing the future etc… Shamans do this, they are not shunned upon and poked and prodded by doctors - they are respected by their culture and society. People with schizophrenia and other psychiatric “illnesses” like bipolar, sense things most normal people cannot sense. Psychics - and Mediums do this, it’s just that we have been labeled as being sick and out of touch. I feel that there is a strong connection between what we have “schizophrenia” and spirituality.
I am almost sure that I am stepping on this world, and sometimes stepping on another plane or dimension possibly.
The meds i take do make it easier for me to fit into what society wants me to be. The meds dull down the excitement and buzzing “background” noise. I do feel that there is a strong connection between schizophrenia and the spirit world. I just wish science would put more valid research into it. Just because what we experience is unbelievable to them, doesn’t make it a real phenomena. Blaming it all on whacked out brain chemicals, slapping a vague diagnostic label to what I am going through, and treating it with mind numbing powerful meds is not good enough. There has got to be more.

Come to think about it, I may have been a bit off when writing this - I blame it on my med change and lack of sleep.
Oh well -


hmmmmm. i’m a scientific sort of girl and shamans come from primitive societies where they think that torture is a good way to get a posessed person back to themselves. personally, having witnessed the murder of too many nigerian/jamaican children thought to b posessed i do not hold much truck with the beliefs of shamanism. i also don’t believe in psychics, not the ones i have personally seen or the ones i’ve seen on tv. if they could really talk to the dead then they could provide names and addresses of the dead when they were alive. they cannot. not one of them. do i believe in ghosts. yes i do. but i don’t believe i have a telepathic link with them, even though i hear the voices of the dead. i think i have a ■■■■■■ up mind. nothing more, nothing less. ur entitled to ur opinion on this because ur reality is exactly that. urs. but personally, i’d rather not buy into the mystic crap and just believe there is something very wrong with my mind that cant b fixed at the present time. xxx

Well, you knew not everybody would agree with you when wrote it, right? I take Jaynes tack ( sailing boat term lol). You are giving your opinion and beliefs. If I don’t like them then I can simply skip this thread and no harm done. It doesn’t bother me that you wrote this, I like to think I have an open mind about things but I’ve never felt my schizophrenia was a spiritual condition. But I am skeptical about many things.


My partner’s mother thinks its a spiritual illness, she thinks its demons haunting and tormenting me.

there is a reality outside ordinary reality, that the shamans, the schizophrenics, the two year olds, the poet philosophers, see and interact in.

Many stumble on this world, others go looking for it, some are pulled out of a normal human life and thrown into it.

call it shamanism or sz, (personally i separate the two, i draw the line at the dreamer must control the dream not the dream the dreamer, otheriwise it’s getting out of control and slipping into sz; others say that sz is a sompletely separate illness and that for those people the meds work, no idea, can’t realate, i don’t have that version i got the supernatural kind too.)

thing is, whatever that world we discover is, here’s the question:

do we use it to make light of and toss away our life,

or to increase our strength and human life from the interaction with it?

cause like a pdoc said to me more than once, this can be a miracle or a tragedy and the only one who is going to make any difference in that outcome is you…

cause psychosis, it can be a nightmare, or a very beautiful dream…


I have felt we are in tune. With other peoples dreams stream that make no sence to be in reading people is point less too it all a part of figering out who we are no who well be there is to much leftover sound waves no to conside people plushion overload too is it god it might as well have been

Schizophrenia is my own condition no matter what people believe it is.

Yeah, I suppose when someone thinks they’re Jesus it must be true. Or when they think their family has been replaced by aliens and must die that he’s in tune with reality. Maybe when someone is so ill that they can’t hold a conversation, or care for themselves, it’s just a case of perception.

Try to justify your abnormal and diseased thoughts all you want but they are exactly that.

Mentally ill as in those that take meds are far better off the normal ones who commit ill doings.

i get told by my ethereal friends future events, i tell my wife , she tells her sister who tells her huband, on average up to 4 people know what i have been told.
they are not mentally ill nor are they gullible nor part of my delusion, meaning they actually exist.
then the events happen !
my new shrink , who i saw with my wife in the room, sat there dumb founded not being able to know what to say !
so yes sz do have a spiritual illness but some go mad from this illness.
take care

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gotta groom your madness.
i can sit here and theorize that the human race is infested with demons.
i get to think like that all i want.
i don’t get to carry out any actions in the real world or you got detectives and law enforcement,
which is good, cause some days i’d just as well kill a bunch of you,
but the whole thing with repercussions and stuff,
yeah, sz is a tool to push people away,
\so yeah, the point pretty much is to be able to have a conversation that is not intelligible,
not to anyone outside th cult of your own madness,
so america forces us to groom our madness,
as far as care for ourselves, we don’t have to live indoors or eat what humans eat,
but we have to secure our existence as best we can,
we understand that the police and other forces of society will not be defending us,
we understand that we will only exist on the fringes of your world.
in my case it isn’t that i can’t talk to you about your world,
more that i don’t think it worth while, don’t think your understanding of your world has anything to offer-
humanity in general that is, the worldly minded camarilla, the military industrial education complex,
you know, the WEIRD - western educated industrial rich democrats, that crazy little bunch with their
“science” and their “reason”, silly little psychoses that they hypertrophy and wish that the whole world would join in.
for the most part they get their wish, selling comfort for the price of conformity,
you can have your pleasure palace with cable, but please don’t think outrside the box
or we might have to drug you to make you shut up,
or at the very least ex communicate you from our society of reason and dignity,
no i think we should have the same right to be mad that as the right you claim to be rational or scientific,
it’s just as arbitrary, no better no worse, your choice was probably based on comfort,
where as a small population of the strong and beauty-minded will wander off out of the test tube of human knowledge
into the much wider universe of mystery and wonder.
no longer interested in belonging, they choose instead understanding.
we won’t be needing your comforts anymore,
your indoor living with electricy, or your bizzare foods and beverages,
more for you, win win, right?

eat the resources up you normal people, we can’t get rid of them fast enough. jokes on you

are these thought “abnormal” - absolutely, i should hope so, i’ve put alot of unique sz into developing them.
are they a “disease”, well maybe for those who have to listen to me and not understand, many do just seem bewildered, so i guess my mind is a disease for THOSE people, but to me it only brings, joy, satisfaction, meaning, understanding, magic, yes very abnormal, very symptomatic, but also extremely enjoyable.

and so after the 8 hours a day it takes of making believe i too am part of consensual reality, making believe there is an invisible force in the ground pulling me down, making believe there are “property rights”, amking believe people need to accumulate as much as possible while staying as effortless as possible, i can play your silly game,

but once my food and shelter for the day are secured, i no longer see any reason to join the humans in their little test tube of human knowledge, i prefer to pursue inner nature and destiny and search for mystery and wonder

i see how that’s a disease for people who have to deal with me, but not how it is “dis"ease” for me, rather it is the epitome of “ease”

I agree with you wave. Somehow because we are chemically imbalanced it allows things to attack us, like demons. I’ve had things happen to me that prove that it is demons. One time when I was working at an ice cream restaurant I was taking orders behind the register. A lady was walking up to me to order. I was fighting voices and hallucinations at the time. I heard a voice say oreo and at the same time I saw her lips move but it was very blurry. She was only like 12 feet away and everything else I saw was perfectly clear. Like her eyes and her nose. She was by herself and she was like 12 feet away from the register so I knew she didn’t say that. I hallucinated… Then like 5 or 7 seconds later she came up to me and said “I want an oreo ice cream”. I was shocked. I was positive that a voice just spoke to me because I heard it in my head. And positive that I hallucinated her lips moving. Because she was by herself and why would she just blurt out the word oreo when nobody was around her. Her facial expression never changed when I heard the voice say oreo to me. She just starred straight ahead like she had never said anything. I stood there shocked for like 20 or 30 minutes. It actually gave me faith in God because it proved to me that there is more out there than just the physical.

I’ve always wondered about a spiritual component too. As far as I can tell there is no medical or scientific explanation to why I sometimes have dreams about things before they happen. I don’t think I’m psychic, and I don’t even really like that word, but I have strange things like that happen to me.

When I was deep in psychosis, I was reading my magical dictionary, and it told me to look for the palm trees. When I finally got to the mental hospital, there were palm trees painted on the wall. That made me feel like it was a safe place. They did, however, force me to take medication against my will.

Shaman are not schizophrenic.

Although schizophrenic, in my case at least, is paranormal it is not shamanism.

Same spirits though, but unlike the shaman they maimed me and it has ruined my life.

I have though seen on many occasion the very ones the shaman see, most of what i have seen was accurately portrayed in graham hancock’s “angels, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca” video. And i’ve seen others as well.

Im not sick, at least not by “schizophrenia”, but they came and were also in my mind, i’ve even had many external things happen that are not part of any brain disorder that prove it at least to me.

Is it a disorder, yes, but more of the kind when “someone” shows up in your life and begins to harm you.

Way back in my childhood they even told me i was a schizophrenic, a voice showed up on the playground and said “you know, schizophrenics smell things that aren’t there.” At the time i didn’t even know what it was or that they were talking about me.

After my experiences, there are only two options, spirits, or people have some icky technology nowadays, that is people’s only two options at this point, they should probably look into it just in case they can do something to avoid it in their own lives.

But either way it’s some one and not a disease.

I apologize if I did not make myself clear. First of all as of late, and I am talking a long time, maybe up to a year or more, I have not been delusional or unstable to the point where my thoughts are not lucid.
My point was, and again I am expressing my opinion and personal view on this. I believe that severe mental illnesses, and yes I do believe schizophrenia is a severe mental illness or disorder. I guess what i was trying to communicate was that I think that something more is going on with SZ. Schizophrenics, many of us share common “symptoms” like beliefs and experiences that can be described as divine, etheral, supernatural so on and so forth.
I cannot dismiss my paranormal and divine experiences as purely delusional thinking. Many people, normal or otherwise believe in a God - are they all delusional? I really don’t know what to make of my so called illness.
I mean I have to believe in the doctors right? They all have the answers. they know exactly what causes SZ and they have a cure in their hands? The truth is there are no clear cut answers to such a vague and hazy condition or medical label. I am not saying that we are all possessed and should stop taking our meds or stop seeing psychiatrists. I am saying is that maybe there is more to a schizophrenic label than a ■■■■■■ up brain. Maybe their is a spiritual aspect to this so called disorder. Everyone has an opinion on what SZ is. Most people take on the purely medical and scientific Western view or take on it. I just think that SZ might not be purely medical or physical or scientific.
I know what I saw when i was “hallucinating” - spirits standing by a cemetary. I cannot dismiss this as purely all in my head because I am messed up. I mean everyone must be ill or delusional. people talk to invisible Gods all of the time. Lets put them on injections of Haldol. Its all about perspective - Also when I was “destabilized” at one time, there was a long stretch where I would read other peoples - I thought i was psychic, because I had dead on accuracy in reading other peoples lives/future. I was very accurate. I don’t think it was coincidental - there was truth behind it. This was my reality at the time. I guess I am trying to make sense of something that was very real at the time. If you want to label it psychotic, go right ahead - I am going to be a bit more open minded about it.
Do not let anyone define you.


Nick, what i am trying to say is, I don’t think SZ experiences are based purely on physical medical science.
I don’t know there is a lot of research on SZ but nothing based on a whole lot of scientific evidence.
Just about many one sided theories. Lets try to look at the whole picture, lets look at this disorder at a different angle.
Western medicine based scientific theories have pretty much failed us or is seriously lacking in any kind of real proof.
And lets face it, although the medications have improved some, they are not 100 percent effective treatments.
There is not much difference in efficacy between the typical and atypical antipsychotics.
Doctors are doing their best, but the medications we are taking do a whole lot of damage to our bodies.

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Well it’s like I have been saying, an apple has an inside and an outside. So does reality. Here we are located within reality, but there is also an outside. The inside is always confined to the present time. The outside is all time other than the present. The outside is friggen huge.

Today’s physicists exclude the outside and leave that to the to the religious folk. As a consequence whenever an event is being governed from the outside, where the laws of physics are different, they are totally mystified, hence the “MYSTERIOUSNESS” of the quantum mechanics is all that they have to say.

When an event is governed from the outside, circumstance that extend across a certain time period are all take into account to produce the final outcome of an event. Thus when you have a cause and effect of an event, on the other side you look across time an thus see both the cause and the effect at the same time. In turn, you can have the effect occur first followed by the cause but on the other side both the effect and the cause are still seen at the same time thus no laws are being broken.

Since 1999 experiments have been performed within the land of physics where the effect occurs before the cause and this has the physicists totally mystified because it breaks the law of causality. Then there is the Particle/Wave duality mystery. Particles behave like waves but this is only when their interactions are being governed from the outside. Being governed from the outside the complete path of a spinning photon, a particle of light, leading from the source to the destination is seen all at once, thus the complete corkscrew shaped path of the spinning photon is filled or blocked when viewed from the outside. Thus you have complete corkscrew like shapes, wave like shapes, interfering with each other, thus in turn producing wave like interference patterns as seen within the famous two slit light experiment.

Then there is the mysterious entangled pairs. Particles that are light years apart seem to be connected somehow. This has the physicists mystified. Yet when looking at this from the outside, you see the two particles from the point of which one particle split into these two particles all the way to their present positions which are light years apart, thus from the outside view they are still connected for you see across time and thus see the entire path of each particle leading right back to the point of the one particle splitting into two particles, thus they are seen as entangled or connected from the outside.

And the list goes on, Quantum delayed choice, Action at a distance, etc.

At one point they said my kitchen light fixture had appeared out of thin air.

I didn’t understand at the time, they were talking about things appearing from somewhere, like our entire universe would have appeared to appear out of thin air.

For me, it’s dearth of spirit.