Tired of being a Vegetable

I swear, my negative symptoms or depression or whatever you want to call it, are killing me.
I stayed in my pajamas all week! I barely brush my teeth - some days I forget - and I have not showered for maybe over a little over a week - I upped my meds recently, but it was like this before the higher med dose.

Today I was feeling a bit manic, so I had enough energy to change into clothes and actually showered! Thank God!
This is getting ridiculous - I dont feel like going anywhere, and have to force myself real hard for doctors appointments -
I manage to make coffee - drink it and eat - and ■■■■. i will usually lounge about go on the computer and watch a little television lately. I just veg out on the couch sometimes and rest my body for a while - at night I will fall asleep for like an hour on the couch.

I dont know if this has to do with the dark shorter days of Winter - All I know that this is unacceptable - I would tell my doctor, but there are very few meds that I would be able to tolerate for negative symptoms - Provigil and antidepressants make me very Manic - I am sure of it.
i feel like a ■■■■■■■ Eggplant!


Ditto yeah the eggplant syndrome has been coming and going for me for the past while. Not sure if it’s depression or negatives

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I know it sounds cliche but excersise will make you feel way better, force yourself to do it, do body squats they are great it would be even better if you have access to weights as resistance excersise is the most effective form. I swear its like a drug it pumps adrenaline into the brain that will temporarily alleviate the sz symptoms …well it does for me anyways.

Most people make excuses to not excersise but if you ate something within 3 hours after that you definitely have energy to excersise and thats fact, its usually mental exhaustion that inhibits the inclination and when you have sz it just makes it so much more difficult but you can do it.

It changed my life I mean im still loony as a tune but I prolly woulda off’d myself years ago if I didn’t start riding a few miles a day on my bike.

The great thing about riding bike is you get excersise and you are interacting with the outside world to a certain degree, it sounds kinda weird but riding around town and like being around others while they are having a great time being normal and doing normal things makes me feel kinda like im part of it and thats all I need then I get sick of people again and go home and be by myself.


for me when in this state, exercise helps for about 2 hours after the exercises then its back to no energy.
Coffee seems to help more.

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Yeah im not into coffee I just always thought it tastes like burnt toast and I dont like that either but I drink about a half gallon of cold green tea every day it seems to really help with detoxing my system because after a couple months I really feel the difference.

I think it takes a couple mo to really clean the system out.

You riding bike doesn’t just help me feel good because the physical fitness but more importantly it helps my mental state because I dont feel caged like a elephant just waiting for a chance to flip out.

I seriously think bike riding is a perfect activity for people with a mental disorder that keeps them inside or secluded somehow as its a activity you dont need anybody else to do and you are out in the community participating in it on your own terms.If you feel crowded in a congested area go somewhere where there isnt so many people once you you’ve had enough just go home and be by yourself.

Yeah biking is awesome, I try to go biking a couple times a week out in the mountains. I love it!!!

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i think mine seems to be depression today, just a weird feeling of impending doom and almost teary eyed. and of course theres not a reason for it.

Man, I hate exercise - If I barely have the motivation to brush my teeth, do you actually think I could exercise everyday!?!

But you are right @petester - I will try to move around more, and do what I can, even it just a 10 min walk on the treadmill everyday - I have to keep moving.

Coffee seems to help a little for me too @anon31257746 - but it doesnt seem to be enough to keep me motivated

I know if I didn’t have a job to wake up and go too, I would not do well. My pdoc agrees.

Today was a snow bust day and I got nothing done. I need a schedule on the weekend to get chores done since saturday is the only day I have.

So I’m on track and have my alarm set to wake up and instantly get into go to work mode. The though of traffic increasing if I dally gets me out the door in15 minutes.

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LOL you can do it man.

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@petester man if youve ever been hit with a heavy wave of negative symptoms its rough. just the thought of turning a television on to watch something seems like too much effort. staring at a wall seems like the only viable thing.

ill take my voices back over negs thats how i feel about it

@wave , yeah it takes me like 3 -4 coffees back to back to get outta the slump even for a few hours when its bad. sometimes i think its just the idea that a coffee could help is what does it. placebo effect if you will, just having the belief that something will help relieve it is needed.

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Hmm my eyes completely skipped this post.
I tried a gym for 3 years, when you’re paying it makes you go. I got stronger but only lost 5 pounds while trying to constantly cut back.

I got a used bowflex for less than the cost of 2 months. But I’ve yet to screw it together.


even if you have more money I think it is la motivation or spending but rather how well your health is personally one I have too many fatty acids I am too sluggish and more like a vegetable if I have too much medication I have much

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its true, I had a gym pass for 3 months and went twice. it wasnt a factor of money i just couldnt get myself to go.

Im with you on the winter thing. Its hard not wanting to hibernate. Or eat and sleep.
Spring is coming though–it`s a little lighter outside everday!

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Same here @Wave My doctor tells me it’s depression but I honestly think it’s both, considering I have suicidal thoughts. I don’t know what to do. This lifestyle is terrible. The negative symptoms just kill all function and ability.


One thing I do is accept that I will do less when I am stuck in the negs. Just accepting it helps a little


Have you tried an antidepressant ? @Wave My pdoc added trazadone which isn’t even a strong one and I think it helped a lot.

Reading all this makes me feel lucky I dont really get negative symptoms. I do just happen to be a lazy unstructured person. When I have to I get things done though, but I naturally find ways to keep that to a minimum.