I love carrots/also feel hypo manic

The one vegetable i actually can enjoy eating or drinking are carrots. Who doesn’t love carrots. I got the rabbit spirit in me. Also im feeling kinda manic but it feels so good. I wish i could feel like this all the time. I hate going from depression to mania its an awful cycle especially when psychosis is involved. Im much more psychotic when im depressed but still. I don’t know how to work with it.

I can’t remember, what meds if any are you on for your SZA?

You sound like How Ive been lately.

Going to see my pdoc for a change in my meds.

Hope that you find some peace soon @Kazuma

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I am on. Welbutrin and adderal in the mornings to help with depression and negative symptoms and zyprexa for everything else

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What does your doctor say when you tell them you’re still having mood issues?

Hes more of a listener lol. I just tell him all this stuff he writes it down and thats kind of the extent of it. I don’t even know why he takes notes sometimes. I just keep telling him everything and he keeps listening

Schiza new name for sza.

IDK. Sounds like a joke. Or a dance move -

Sorry. popped in when I shouldn’t have.

Schizoa. 123456

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Thanks. Schizoa - That sounds like some of those animicules that the old biologists sought under their microscopes.

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Exactly! U could tell someone u have schizoa and they’ll think u have a bacteria infection or something.

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Yeah! That’ll be sure to scare them away…

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