Tips for Delusions of Reference?

Does anyone have any advice that helped to cope with delusions of reference? Those are probably my worst delusions and sometimes they get really intense. I can’t even watch TV anymore because of it, even shows I’ve watched a million times, because it’ll seem like the characters are talking to me (or, even worse, about me, sometimes to other people in the room) even if I know they aren’t.

Although I don’t have the same delusion as you do, (very sorry you’re going through that), one thing that helped me was getting a second opinion. I thought my co workers were planning to kill me for a while there until medication. Before I started medication, I opened up to some of them and it turns out they think highly of me. I don’t have any advice specific to your situation, but maybe getting reassurance from an outside source would help at least calm the delusion. I sincerely hope that it gets better for you :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if what I experience is “delusions of reference”, or really God talking to me? Ever since the year 2004, the year I started adult catechism in the Catholic Church where I was to be confirmed, I have been experiencing the phenomenon of God speaking to me. But, not out loud, in an audible voice, but through text, in the form of prayer books and scripture. God speaks directly to me alone, and addresses my emotions, thoughts, actions, plans, statements, etc…He has been talking to me directly and personally,this way,every day,since then. His communication is always of a very personal nature. He addresses His concerns to me alone. To my unique thoughts, actions and emotions and plans, etc… He proffers advice and guidance to me personally. He chastises, encourages and praises. He is very loving. But, He has competition. There is this alter ego that is involved. I call him Satan. But, he is more likely to be just a demon or an evil angel. This guy gets involved and he sounds exactly like God. And I mean exactly. Impossible to tell them apart sometimes! The only way to tell them apart is to ask yourself if he is making you confused and anxious. If he is, then guess what? He is not God. It is Satan you are dealing with. The best thing to do in that case is to ignore him.

I occasionally think there is meaning in a song I am listening to specifically for me. Aside from meds, distracting myself helps. I will do homework or journal. This is a hard one as it really feels like there is meaning specifically for you. Nothing beats meds and therapy although it can still happen

Only meds. Never did develop any kind of coping skill for delusions of reference, aside from aknowledging them as delusions. Only medication made them go away.


Most of my battle with any belief was realizing they where irrational. That is only half the battle though.

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I can’t believe I’m excited to see a doctor for psych meds. But…kind of looking forward to it lol. The meds seem to help most people on here, I’m somewhat hopeful.

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What’s the other half?

Fighting the actual thoughts involved.

When I do get this, I would be in pretty bad shape by then. Never been able to talk myself out of those thoughts, I have tried, remember watching some shows thinking no way can they be talking, looking at me, but then the would if comes along and away I go digging in deeper.

By the time I reach that point it’s time to go to the Hospital, my mind would be racing and in overload.

That’s really great, you’re the exception, most people are afraid of meds and doctors :slight_smile: It’s really awesome that you want treatment and a dx. Kudos for that :slight_smile:

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They tend to win when I try to fight back. >___>

Therapy wise ACT acceptance and commitment therapy gives skills to break up unwanted thoughts.

“What you resist will persist”

I found that the best way to deal with all my MI, was to accept first, strategize and it turned into a game really. It’s a thought game, and we win it. I have a few coping mechanisms that might be useful to you… One is to think of thoughts as clouds, just passing through, no real meaning behind them. Another is to observe your thought processes as two trains that you can catch, the rational one and the delusional one, you choose the rational one and dismiss the delusional one consequentially. Another coping skill (read it in a book yesterday) is to see thoughts as passing trains that you don’t need to catch, they’re just passing and you don’t actually need to get on the band wagon, and spiral into delusional thinking.

I don’t have any sz symptoms at the moment, only OCD and PTSD ones. Meds are working great, and these coping skills help a lot with intrusive thoughts and spiralling into depression with them.

That was amazing advice, just the kind that I was hoping for when I posted this thread. Especially the “trains of thought,” that’s so perfect. I just have to hop on the correct train to get to where I’m going: recovery.

Could you share some PTSD tips if you have time? The PTSD is worse than the delusions sometimes.

No problem :slight_smile: What are your PTSD symptoms?

Flashbacks to the traumatic episodes. And I have a lot of triggers as a result of those episodes, and triggers that cause the flashbacks, most of my triggers actually. Usually leads to anxiety/panic attacks, which trigger severe delusions. Not fun lol

Yeah, I have those too. The only thing that has been helping me (mostly because I don’t have the money right now to go to another therapist) is to counter balance the after-thought with positive memories. It took a while, and it kinda morphed into a regular tought process: -> trigger -> flashback -> bad thoughts -> positive memory -> good thoughts / recovery thoughts = calming anxiety

Still working on dealing with the triggers though, writting them down, level of intensity. But since they come out of the blue it’s almost impossible to avoid them. I’ve been good at avoiding triggers I can avoid, certain people, certain places, certain situations. It’s actually done a lot of good in my life just for avoiding those things. And writting them down, as I read, helps decrease the intensity of the anxiety.

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I struggle with expressing compliments sometimes, but I’m grateful for your advice. It’s really good advice, I saved it to my phone lol. Thank you c:

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You should look for a therapist. I learned all this in therapy and CBT workbooks :slight_smile: