Delusions taking over?

Hello this is my first post so sorry if it’s bad or something//

Have you ever had your delusions stress you out so much you want to scream??

That’s what’s happening to me and I hate it so ■■■■■■■ much…I am unable to do certain tasks because my delusions mess up my way of thinking and I just crash. I can’t even change my ■■■■■■■ profile picture without thinking something bad will happen…

Have your delusions ever stopped you from doing something? Can you control them? Is there meds for this? No- I don’t see a therapist anymore just a counselor at school. Help!

Thank you for reading.

Hi and welcome. Sounds like you know they’re delusions, so things aren’t that bad.

Meds help a lot yes.

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That’s called ‘ideas of reference’.

I have that if I don’t take my meds.

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Get to a psychiatrist and get a medicine regimen that will assist you with the positive symptoms such as delusions. Delusions can make real assholes of us and it is very difficult to go back and apologise to those we have done wrong in our delusional thoughts.


Yes, I understand what you mean. The “core” of my psychosis is always with me, but I am only on a tiny bit of meds (experiencing guilt for messing up my life and fear I will go to hell for that). It stresses me a lot, I live with constant fear and yes, I want to scream about that quite often. So I understand very well what you mean. All the little thoughts and delusions and ideas of reference go away with medication for me (f.e. hearing a song and thinking it is proof that I will go to hell, finding a book and thinking it’s been put there on purpose as an answer from God).

I used to be able to control them by myself. Using medication has made me more sensitive though. Starting meds does help a lot for the minor delusions, but upon withdrawal makes you more sensitive to psychosis.

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Oh wow thank you!

Also, thank you all for your responses :smile:I will go talk to someone about this!


i have waited way too long to get help. i just started. I let so much of my life slip by because i was unable to focus on anything but the fear something bad will happen if i do whatever it was ii wanted to do at the time. It was a mistake to wait so long. I am already feeling a little bit clearer after just a few days of taking meds.


Perhaps the school counselor or your parents could help you find someone. Don’t delay though. I am sure you want to feel better soon.

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