Religious Delusions of reference

Everyday something weird happens to me that has to do with my fear of going to hell because the voices told me I am. Like today the trainer at my lab made a joke and called the organism yeast from hell. Since I’d been scared all day of hell I took it to be another sign I am going to hell.

I’m so sick of all these coincidences driving me crazy. Does anyone else have Delusions of reference/ coincidences that agree with your strange belief?

I really hope they are wrong and that I’m not really going to hell

When we’re in a heightened sense of being, every little thread that feeds our delusions becomes more significant than the wider picture

I used to get this a lot.

After I came out of the delusional phase, things got a lot better.

Hope you are just having a phase of suffering this also, as I know how distracting and destructive this can be

Just have to work out a way to eliminate delusions from your mind.

I kept using my inner voice to put them down, and eventually I by complete accident seemed to train my brain out of accepting this distorted information as fact

It took me a long time, but was worth the effort

Don’t feed the monster

but there’s hope. Pergatory.

until everything is forgiven, then straight to heaven.

you’ll be alright.

I think you are experiencing psychosis with these coincidences that make you afraid of going to hell.

well, yes, and no.

people sitting on death row might feel this way too.

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