Tinfoil Hats & Thought Broadcasting

Do people wear people wear tinfoil hats because of the concept or experience some label as Thought Broadcasting? I know tinfoil is somewhat of a stereotype and parts isnt. I thought mirrors worked in my experiences during beginning experiences. Here’s a youtube link i’d like to share. Its about two minutes long and is basically a text and picture video that is played to some creepy music to express the oddness of the experience.

For those who don’t or can’t view the vid, it basically states thoughts which are no longer private but shared by others, the whole town or the whole world. Result of other people being able to think in unison with the individual, being able to participate in his/her thoughts or share the individuals thoughts directly by some other or foreign means. and etc… etc…

no one can hear our thoughts, we think sometimes it is true because we think something in our minds and coincidently the person or persons we are talking to or looking at give an expression that somehow reflects this.
tin foil hats should not be worn because firstly it is bad fashion !
secondly , you could accidently start a fire !
but mainly because people can’t hear you, and more importantly don’t want to hear you.
hope this helps.
take care
p.s that was a funny video…


Links of chained thoughts appears to possibly led up to such a event and be believed, how do they know? if on a minor scale before the thoughts are known, actions are known as like a camera was watching. My believe is an entity (core function of brain) is behind it and not people in general because I tested. I try to be grounded.

Ya, my first experience of thoughts being known, i was talking with others and my mind acted like others knew my thoughts, of course being reasonable, i dismissed it as b.s. but when i did, i couldnt think without other people robbing me of my thoughts and speaking them right in front of me. like not having a voice. it was terror.

With that, the next in line was this entity that jumped into others bodies, stalking me. I could tell when it was it because werent good at concealing its identity. Jumped into a little girl and there it was, i was offered incentives of wealth, honor and fame if i eliminated the problem. How completely screwed up is that. Thats why im never suprised what some people do under psychosis

My kid sis stitched some tin foil to the inside of a nice knitted wool beanie for me. It didn’t stop my thought broadcasting. (meds did that) but it did keep the rain off my head when the hat got wet. That was nice.


If I ever own a house, I was gonna line the inside walls with foil or a metal screen and paint over it. Not so much for thought broadcasting or anything like it, but to keep outside radio waves from interfering with my WIFI signal. Plus it would block out all the other forms of electromagnetic radiation; technically none of it is harmful, but I like the idea of not having a bunch of random electromagnetic waves bouncing around inside my house.

On another note, I read that higher powered microwaves aimed at someone’s head can induce audible clicks and pops and can be modulated into voices and whatnot. So since foil blocks microwaves (why it sparks in the microwave), a tinfoil hat (or helmet would be more effective) would block the microwaves from reaching your head. Of course, that’s assuming someone is pointing a microwave emitter at your head. Though there are ways to get microwaves to focus on a certain area without needing tracking directional emitters. That method is called beamforming and it’s used in modern WIFI routers.

I will admit that I didn’t watch the video (I’m feeling very stressed and when you said scary music I said never mind). I’m only commenting because it seems to be about a pet peeve of mine. Authors who try to write about mental illness who have no clue. I will admit I have done it, but when I did it I was mixing up my ausburgers indicators with sz (which I was diagnosed with). So maybe I can’t say anything, but I think we have enough horrible lies about mental illness without some fame seeker throwing his two cents in.