Did you ever wear a tin foil hat?

When I was in dire straights and the telepathy and voices were getting to me I tried putting pots and pans over my head to block out the telepathic brain waves. Anyone else ever tried something similar?

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There was a guy who I lived with, (sort of) in a homeless camp when we were both homeless. He was a really nice guy, but he just couldn’t get over the thought broadcasting. He would put stuff over his head to try and block out the broadcasting. My kid sis found a knitted beanie or (toque) and she stitched tin foil into it so he could feel better and no one would know what was under the cap.

I tried this when I really couldn’t take being able to hear every voice in the city. So she stitched some foil into a hat for me. It didn’t help me at all, not even double layered. But it sure did keep the rain from dripping on my head if it soaked through the wool.


tried a swimming cap once but it didn’t work :frowning: never tried anything else though.

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When things get really really bad, people resort to all that there is left.

Unfortunately others then laugh at the unfortunate folk that have been pushed to such extreme desperate measures. I find that kind of behavior inexcusable.

I have a tin roof does that count. It doesn’t do any good keeping the voices away but it can keep the rain out most of the time.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

If it worked ever one would have one made one in 5th grade for a float I was rideing once

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I made one out of desperation when I thought people were reading my thoughts. Then I realized I didn’t know anything that was worth blocking anyways. It’s not like I know private information. It’s really only the embarrasing thoughts I’d want to block anyway. Oh well, if someone wants to hear that I think another person is fat or what I think when I try to hide a fart in public I guess that’s their problem. I won’t worry about it anymore. Still might wear a foil hat for fun though.

I have a baseball cap that says “My other hat is made of tinfoil”

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