Hearing thoughts

im sure it does exist, but is it possible for people to hear what your saying if you talk aloutloud in your head?, thanks

Its not possible, but I know what you mean. I used to think it was possible, its called ‘thought broadcasting’
At times I still believe that direct eye contact will cause it so I try not to look people in the eye.

Its all in your head. You’re safe.

Yeah after coming down from a long trip where I thought I was a thought broadcaster my hallucination and delusions are all boiling away. Thought broadcasting is not real people wouldn’t lie about it. Normies dont believe in telepathy.

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but i truely belive people hear my thoughts, i say things in my head on purpose and people repeat them using slip of the tounge, could this all just be in my head? :s

Well I’m having a good day symptom wise so I’d still say no its not possible. This something you have to believe if you want to get better. Your mind is probably contorting what you hear to fit with your delusions I do this all the time. I think its a product of paranoia and over vilgilance. just relax man at least you dont have the symptoms I get when I start thinking people are telepathic. I start getting messages that reflect my current psychological state, but this is all in my head. I believe that when I started believing in telepathy I became afraid that were all telepaths so my mind did its best to imitate what the telepathy would be like and it became very realistic, but alas 90% of what I have experienced over the last couple years was all in my head. People are oblivious to your thoughts, and anyone heard what you were thinking they would probably just believe it is their thoughts. But again not possible.


Its all in your head man, you think it and then someone says something similar, or as you may think. You’re just paying attention and realize they said something similar to what you thought.

thanks for the help guys

ive only ever had it happen once but i wasnt thinking it outloud in my head its was more of a silent thought. i wont say how i did it though still have to figure out how to do it before i say anything else.

take care

i used to think about this in elementary school. but nobody ever reacted and i could never hear anybody elses thoughts, so I forgot about it. it doesn’t occur to me anymore unless someone brings it up. but I think its silly.

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Consider involvement of a third party.

They can make it look like certain things.

They can make me think “i could go for some ice cream, i think ill have vanilla today.” and then suggest to a person to say something about vanilla ice cream. This is a basic example but it does happen sometimes.

They, whoever, talk to me in my mind alot and have shown me they are seperate and have a conscious cause so they are very capable of alot of things.

They can make people think, say, and do things. consider a third party.

Yes it is possible. Telepathy is real. I use it all the time. Sometimes it upsets me if someone evil and demon posessed is in my soul trying to attach to my brain stem. Most of the telepathy is fun and I joke around a lot with other people and animals. A manatee once told me a funny joke, he said to tell the other humans that Manatees taste awful. He laughed and I did too. Then he got in on a game me and my kid used to play called"THE WORST PIZZA TOPPING EVER!". The Manatee told me that Manatee is THE WORST PIZZA TOPPING EVER. It was hilarious. My soul talks to the dead, the living, cats, Orcas etc…

I have the same problem. See the thing is people sometimes repeat exactly what I’m thinking. I remember a couple weekends ago I went to my parents’ cottage with my brother and his girlfriend. My brother also invited a friend of his. So we’re standing on the deck outside and I think “we should go down by the water”. But then I thought “no, I won’t say that”. About 10 seconds later my brother’s friend says “hey why don’t we go down by the water later?” Scary stuff.

I don’t think people can hear my thoughts but I have thought that I can hear thoughts put in my head by the brain researchers conducting my brain study. I have equipment in my brain and ears and they communicate with me via satellite. Therefore I ‘hear’ the thoughts that they send to me. I have been medicated for a year now and there is part of me that thinks that’s total BS. Part of me, though, still believes it.