Seeing strange things

Lately I’ve been seeing things that have brought me back into believing that the Illuminati is real and that I have something to do with it. The amount of times my voices say something and something happens that’s closely related to it or the voice says a word and a split second later I hear that word have gone up. I’ve been having thought broadcasting experiences and it’s not that I interpret whay people on the street are saying a certain way… it’s that people are actually saying exactly what I’m thinking. It all just makes me feel like sz is something man made maybe something I was given so that certain people could communicate with me. There’s absolutely no explanation for these occurrences and im so annoyed with my confusion. I would love to think that there’s something more there than a mental illness but no one on this forum nor society will accept that belief… it probably is far fetched but I’m just looking for an explanation so I can move forward.

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I have a similar issue with thought broadcasting, been hospitalized 3 times for it. Meds are the only relief from this, otherwise you’ll get more and more ill and have a meltdown.

I’m currently trying Haldol with some success. Only day 2 though.

A couple of days ago I was at the local cafe and I thought people were reading my mind so I decided to test it. I said random words in my head and heard one of the people next to me repeat them back to me in order.

It is very disturbing to think your thoughts aren’t private, but the reality is it is just your brain playing up.

No human has telepathy, and machines are only just starting to be built that can do this but they require electrodes under the skull or a MEG the size of a room.

From what I understand, hearing your thoughts spoken by others is a very common symptom of schizophrenia.

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