Tinder experiences


they all swipe left to me :frowning:


Ive had a go at okc and tinder and yeah i got matches but people wanted to move too fast into a relationship/casual fling for me… i just liked getting matches i didnt like the actual people really


It took me until the six to buy a smartphone, and lava will be coming out of the cracks of the sidewalk before I sign up for Tinder! You kids and your newfangled zip zops and websites and rock and roll.


My experience is that you need to keep your tinder dry to start a proper fire.



I’ve made a couple of dating profiles a couple of times but only for like a week or two at a time max. I thought I was ready to date and then realized I wasn’t. I only met one guy in person but he thought marriage was a waste of time and wouldn’t keep anyone from leaving you and was already asking about my sex life (which is non existent) and saying telling me he would have sex with me if I wanted it. I felt like he wasn’t looking for a wife just a sex buddy and he kept telling me conflicting things so I broke it off with him. I haven’t tried since then cuz I realized I’m too busy with school to be distracted by online dating right now. It makes me sad cuz I hear all these things about how past the age of 30 it gets hard for women to find a husband. I’m already 28 and not getting any younger. But I’m picky and shallow and might never get married


yeah, i’d burn them all haha


Why is it so important to you to get married?


We got to talking about mental health and I told her I’m sz. She had a lot of questions, but I don’t mind. I’d rather people ask questions than form an uninformed opinion.
She’s had some runs with the mental health services herself, so she was very understanding.
We’re talking about meeting sometime next week.


Dude yeah. POF. So many bots lately. Every time I go on I get a million fake messages.


I used tinder for a day and matched with a few men. I deleted it after that as it wasn’t for me. Here in the UK it’s moslty used for hookups. One of the reasons why I deleted it as I was looking for something serious.


the Reason it mattered is because I don’t believe in sex before marriage


Same. That’s how I met my husband!!


Good luck, Nova, on your future date / meet-up with that girl you’re talking to. :slight_smile:


POF is great there’s soooo many people on that website and I personally never got those fake profiles phew.
That’s cool u met ur husband there. I may go back on it in the future but right now I can’t be asked


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