Tinder app

i have been using tinder the past couple of days and i got a message from 3 women on a group night out asking me to come out, but i didnt go out with them, i wish i could have, i ended up going to my mums

has anybody used tinder?

i have i dont really like it that much

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idk if i like it or not but i seem to be getting more interest on it, hoping its not just slutty people lol

lol ya i know what you mean. i like pof or eharmony

i’m on match.com but i dont get much on that, i know i am supposed to make the first move but i say i like them so i leave it with them, i was on pof but i got nothing there either :confused: i dont think i am very good at it

dont put yourself down i am sure u are just as fine on there. Maybe you should make the first move more often

yeah, maybe

i just dont think i can be myself online, i am way better in real life

My friend uses tinder and likes it. I never got into it. I liked OK Cupid, because it is one of the very few sites that has an option for bisexuality. I used to have to have two separate accounts on other sites, which was exhausting and not worth the effort.

i wish i was able to go out with them women but i dont have the balls, i think i’d get all nervous and feel out of place, its a bit weird going out with people you dont know maybe all they want is a threesome,

lol ya i understand what your saying its hard to talk to women in person i get so nervous

You are a perfect son :thumbsup: :smiley:

I have used tinder quite a bit. I am not too big of a fan of it. It seems as though most profiles are bots and because I am slightly over weight the girls I do match with that aren’t bots are typically very overweight.

I have met up with a couple and got to first base but nothing more then that. I like how you can meet people with the choice of doing something beyond first base but also and more importantly exploring the worlds vast differences of personalities with really no fear of being rejected. After all it is an app to bang people in real life, pretty much by matching you have mutual consent to go at it and have some fun.

My biggest problem and it seems like a new personality trait that I really haven’t addressed because I haven’t paid that much attention to it is spending a lot of effort communicating and talking with my matches but always becoming to big of a pussy to meet them in person. This never used to be the case.

I can’t take them home to my house without my parents being there but I can take them to my family’s boat. In fact just today I was down at the marina and saw two people going on a boat with the cover on, a male and female who actually looked like they were on a tinder date…

I wish ssi/di gave me more that $750. I’m not interested in companionship anyways, but neither are some girls. Fml

No offense,I think that’s judging ppl before you meet them.


Ive not tried tinder.

I was on match.com for few months and am still on there but have not found it to be good for me.

It feels so stagnated on the site and as if they dont welcome me to be myself and own spirit on profile etc.

I joined pof yesterday and have had more response in one day on pof than i have had for months on match.com.
Strange hey…

I also joined eharmony but could not answer all the questions properly i think and one must pay i think.

Pof has been good but am also cautious and i dont know if i can be with any one that has children if im not talkative to them in person.
Unless their spiritual kids or something … :slight_smile:

Also I tell them im disabled after only a message .
I tell them i have schizophrenia diagnosis, aspergers and post traumatic stress and that i have herpes which means i get cold sores about once a year but i have it both places and it can be contagious.
Lots of people have it with out knowing about it.

Just dont know how i would fit in to some ones life and they in my life but with compatible man its doable.
Guess one could date different men and see how things go.

Some do not write back after they find out my diagnosis etc.
I try explaining that im not violent or agressive or abusive but am actually a gentle and kind and affectionate person.

Some profiles clearly state they are only interested in casual dating .
I avoid those profiles.

A night out with your mum can be super nice too. :slight_smile:

My mum was a pain in the butt as usual,

That can probably have its charm. :slight_smile:
Some one you love .

Maybe you can give Tinder some time and even try other apps.

Maybe you meet some one compatible for you that you feel happy n good with and in future maybe even introduce to your mum.

Good dating wishes for us yeah.

I have some form of “thing” where i am concerned about bigame, swingers and married men where they might date me but its woman that dislikes me that is in their body synchronising and it could even be a married couple trying to date me.
I do not want this.

Im not interested in separated men either as i see they are still legally married.
That means they could get back together with their wife and it could also mean dramazzzz.
Now a days i say no to a separated man.

I do not get drunk any more so that makes things easier also.

But concern is ones who might not tell you in honesty what they are…
As mentioned i think theres lots of bigame that goes on.

Then theres polygamy and i am not in to that for me either although i understand it works beautifully for others.
Then theres the “polygamy” where say a man gives woman different names and times and behaviours of him self but says he is not polygamous.
This might be more bigame then.

I somehow seem to think that i have never been on a real date because its always been woman in mens bodies and mostly woman who are jealous and malicious of me although some men are jealous of me too.
For the usual reasons. :slight_smile: lol

A man tried stealing from me other night.
Stealing my money.

Im a pretty generous person i think and i have been with cheap man and i did not respect the behaviour and nasty attitude.
Some one accepting i make dinner for them but making a huge deal out of paying for me or taking me out.
Indicating im not worthy or deserving of it but i deserve badness and no generosity.
All I can do is repent giving him my time, food and whats worse …

I want a man who is pretty generous to me and i have certain expectations.

I was with a “doll bludger” that was so much more generous than a millionaire dude i was with that was so cheap he did not give me anything and not even take me for dinner with out making a fuss.
He even made me pay rent which the doll bludger didnt.
The doll bludger would share with me and was so sweet with the money he did have.
He bought us pizza, drove us places, bought me and my dog gifts even.
I would not move in with a man who made me pay rent.
Dont want to be with a cheap man again.
Dont want to be with a man again with nada sexual chemistry and dont feel good with.
Same interests is not enough.

I also think my rum has been stolen some times.
My wing feels tied up also. :slight_smile:

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I met the guy I’m currently dating on Tinder. :slight_smile: