Timeline of you computers?

  • Year 2000 I got my first ever computer, Windows 1998, tower - huge 17inch (I think) monitor. No internet - loved playing GTA 3. infact I was addicted. I was a foster child so social services brought it me for education - cost around £900.00.
  • Year 2003 had it upgraded to Windows XP - much faster - smaller slim monitor - first home internet connection - lived in my own apartment - spent many hours on message boards.
  • Year 2007 - first laptop - HP pavillion - 13.1 inches ( I think) more consistent internet services (didn’t get cut off for non payment - Had it hooked up to a external monitor because of broken laptop screen.
  • Year 2010, first iMac 21 inch - absolutely loved that computer - I was sectioned in hospital for 4 months and saved enough money to buy it (£1000) - Went can brought it with the occupational therapist.
  • Year 2016. iMac mini - good fast and reliable computer. Much loved. I will never go back to PC.

My first computer was Amiga 500 back in 1990. I won’t know any computer as much as I know how that works.
I now support PCs for a living but when at home I use MacBook Air. Do my Windows stuff with Vmware Fusion.


My first one was a IBM, not sure of the year it was dos

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had a computer since the early 90’s. Crazy old 386’s and stuff. Got online around 96 or so. Always had a computer and upgraded through the years.

Currently have a 8700k, currently stock as it needs a delid. 16 gig ram and the usual bells and whistles. Never been into consoles so it’s pc all the way for me!


Same for me I don’t play any games. Only had consoles for Grand thrift Auto (I love that game going back to the late 90s) and Gran Turismo. When GTA 6 comes out I will purchase a playstation (may be six by them) but that will be the only game I play.

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In 99 I had a 486 think IBM

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When Grand Theft Auto 5 came out in September 2013 me and my friend who is also my housemate was the first in the queue meaning we were the first to purchase the game in my town. We was queuing up from 9pm for the 12am shop opening. loads of people came to buy it too. When exiting the shop I excitally shouted ‘‘FIRST COPY’’ and we both literally ran back to our house. I played it for 3 straight days drinking excessive caffeine. Vey fond memories.


My dad bought a Dell computer in 1997/1998. I played video games and used it for school. I used to read those OS picture/information books. It was fun times. I guess I was in 3rd or 4th grade. Not sure.

I kinda wish I learned how to program during those years. My dad’s a mechanic, but it would have been cool nonetheless.

My first experience with a computer was in 1st grade. I was pretty good at it. Then I went to a Montessori school that had computers, but didn’t do much or learn much there. I really wish I could have learned how to program.

I’ve had computers ever since. Still haven’t built my own. Probably could if push comes to shove.

I’ve had Windows and Mac. I’ve used Linux too.

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I guess my first school experience of the internet was when I was in year 7 aged 11 in 1997… It was slow and I used to look at distaste cars scale 1/18.


OMG that’s 30 years ago, something terrible, slow and no where even one one millionth as cool as the crappy one I have now, I know that’s not a good timeline but…

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