Thoughts Today


So I think my therapist keeps getting disappointed that I’m not scheduling a med eval with the psychiatrist but the more I think about it the more unappealing it becomes to me. I’m supposed to schedule a neurological exam too, because the therapist/psychiatrist think I have some symptoms that could be indicative of seizures. (Not grand mal or anything, but partial, and my brother gets partial motor seizures quite often so I wouldn’t be surprised if I get visual ones or whatever) But I don’t know when I have time to do that, and they’re gonna take 10 years to fit me in probably. What do I even say when I call them? I probably have to tell them about my psychosis, right? Or can I just tell them about my visual hallucination stuff? I hope it’s not crazy expensive…I have pretty good insurance so hopefully not. I think if the neurologist doesn’t find anything I’ll more strongly consider going on medication.

Also I was an idiot and watched something that massively triggered me last night. I’ve been out of it since then, HEAVY derealization. I remember having to hide in the bathroom because I couldn’t freak out with my roommate in the room. Everything seemed like a painting or something that I was in.

Then I started feeling like I was everything again. It’s the weirdest sensation. Like I am the universe and I just happen to be flowing through this body, which is moving along like a puppet. I can’t even explain it properly. Everything is so weird. I feel kind of silly too.

I hate winter time on the east coast lol.


my shrink and neurologist basically confirmed i had a stoke at 14…my eye and mouth are slightly dropped on one side…i had massive headaches for about a week and a bit…
so going by your history it would be a good idea to go.
yes tell them about family history but your condition could be different by the time you seem them.
it helped me , it explained alot.
take care :alien:


Wow…you’re the second person on here who had a stroke at a young age…I wonder if there’s a connection between that and the symptoms…hmmmm


i personally think it is a seperate thing…i shaved my head a while back…i found odd scars i did not know about…so for me i think it was because of physical abuse.
take care :alien:


Oh dear. That’s an upsetting thing to find out about.

And yeah, it’s probably just a weird coincidence. Also I made an appointment to meet with a neurologist at like…the end of January ahaha. I don’t get why it takes so dang long to get in with these guys.


seeing a neurologist is a good idea…these people are here to help us .
you seem like a very bright person you’ll get through this , have faith in yourself.
take care :alien: