So I went back to therapy today

I was explaining my history to the new therapist and she started asking why I didn’t go back and see my old therapist. I told her she did things like send me to a healer and a priest and all that and that that probably just fueled my symptoms. We talked more and I gave her my history and she said “well I can see why she would think your experiences were paranormal, they are not typical of psychosis”.

I just don’t know what to think at this point. Not even exaggerating, HALF the mental health professionals I have seen now have told me my issues seem more paranormal than psychosis. It is horribly confusing for me.

Honestly I don’t want it to be real, it’s a lot scarier if its real and not just my head.

Where I am only the psychiatrist has the real authority on symptoms/ illness of the mind

My experience of therapists is very poor.

They have such a narrow view of their profession and can’t think outside of the box.

I had one who emailed me videos of people in Japan singing to a lake in order to heal the world.

I think it’s trendy for some of these people to engage in ‘Eastern medicine’ as a way of healing what the antipsychotics fail to do.

I think they’re trying to help in some way, but I class them as helpful idiots.

The only exception to this was the OT who did my Autism assessment, and that was only because he had 20 years experience of psychosis as his focus, before he moved on to Autism, so he understands both disorders, and I am comfortable with his teams diagnosis. There was no fantasy crap with him.

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Yeah I have a feeling I’m not going to be seeing this new therapist very long. But I am not even seeing her for psychosis stuff I’m seeing her to get some help with my anxiety so I am hoping she can be helpful there.

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I also need my anxiety sorted out.

I am taking pregabalin now as a replacement for Benzo’s, and it seems to work great. Might be worth looking into online to see if it’s an option for you whilst you wait for a decent therapist?

I didn’t think about that, maybe it could be useful to try one of those meds. My doctor has me on vistaril currently but it does nothing except give me terrible dry mouth.

Unfortunately I read recently that there is very little evidence backing meds such as gabapentin (i believe pregabalin is related) actually work for anxiety…and it was mostly just pushed by drug companies because it wasn’t selling as much for its original purpose. But I guess it works for some people so it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

I started off on a really low dose and now I am up to 300mg a day.

The last upping by 50mg noticeably got rid of the physical symptoms of anxiety, but my head is still a mess.

It does provide some relief though, as the anxiety was making me feel very ill from intensity of it.

I am sure you will find a way, just don’t give up.

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