Thoughts on alcohol and antipsychotics?

More precisely alcohol and fluanxol depot, injection. I am afraid it will loose the effect, I’ve Been drinking from time and time, I’m not drunk now btw.

I will not drink again, I hope not.

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It is not recommended to drink alcohol while taking meds. I’m guilty of doing so recently. I don’t drink regularly however. I think if you drink in moderation it isn’t so bad just don’t let it become a habit. That’s the way I feel about it.

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I knew a girl that had started an AP and passed out on alcohol. Was messy

If your medications say alcohol is contraindicated, don’t touch it. If you still do, you’re an addict, and idiot, or both.

You asked.


I remember the psychiatric unit in the small town near where I used to live. There were half a dozen or more pubs in the area. Trips to a pub were a regular occurrence. There were of course warnings about contraindication.

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You can go back in your hole… You’re 50 and still arogant, abnoxious and overall a petty little troll

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I’ve had my disagreements with Mr Squirrel(he can come over as quite elitist re the high functioning angle) but it would completely wrong to say he is a troll . He means well , even if he doesn’t always express it very well .


I only troll supermarkets with googly eyes.

Here are some specific things I’ve learned over my half century of bumping around this planet…

  1. Taking the little blue pill that your beta-blocker and ACE inhibitors aren’t supposed to mix with is not only stupid, but almost deadly. The resulting ambulance bill would have also sucked if we hadn’t had benefits. That’s what thinking with the “little head” got me.

  2. You know when they say don’t drink grapefruit juice with certain meds and you do anyhow as part of some fad cleanse you think will be good for you? Yeah, well, it’s really NOT good for you.

  3. If you’re on Clozaril and are told to have bi-weekly blood tests, they really aren’t kidding about that. You can come close to death if you belong to the small subset that gets their immune system wiped out. My lungs have never completely come back from the pneumonia, either.

  4. I was lucky enough (I guess?) to quit drinking before the SZ became a monkey on my back, but I did mix alcohol with other things you aren’t supposed to. If you think a Sunday morning hangover on its own is bad, add in the wretchedness of having had your stomache pumped the evening before.

Arrogance? That’s thinking you know better than your highly trained doctors and can mess with the medications they prescribe. As I become less arrogant in this department I enjoy an increasing quality of life.

Follow. Medical. Direction. You’ll live longer and better.



I think the issue is with self control rather than just having alcohol in itself. I think some/many of us struggle in that respect.

There are certain states of mind where alcohol usage is not a good thing. Witness my history of drinking a lot of alcohol at once under periods of acute stress. The need for self control went out the window in the drive to blot out/self medicate away the intense , negative emotions .


Then I guess all my psychiatrists are idiot addict-enablers. Or you Americans are just a little touchy about the alcohol subject. Because things don’t really work like that over here.

A beer is fine imo

My pdoc said wine on occasion is ok. Just make sure not to take it with klonopin.

You still haven’t figure out that I’m not American??

If my pill bottle says not to mix it with something, I don’t.

I’m craving for some beer to be honest.
Just a can maybe.
But I’m afraid of the interaction between my meds and the alcohol.

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Canadian, American. Is there really a difference? :smile:

Very much so, and the average Canadian finds being mistaken for an Amercian to be incredibly insulting.

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Can we settle for North American?

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Are Canadians more American like than British ?

I don’t drink, and never drank heavily. Occasionally I’d have a drink of some kind, but I cut that out.

And I thank the spaghetti monster everyday that we have a few good natural barriers between us and Canuckland.