Drinking while on medication. What are the risks?


I’m just wondering what are the risks of alcohol and antipsychotics, also Lamictal. I haven’t touched a drink since I started on my current medication due to the warnings my doctor gave me. But I’m wondering what would actually happen?


I am drinking red bull now…!!!


I haven’t tried energy drinks, I was referring to alcohol


I haven’t drank in years and I wondered the same thing.
You would probably feel dizzy and sick I’m assuming.

You are not supposed to drink alcohol and take psych meds.

Mixing benzos with alcohol especially can be deadly.


I treat alcohol for medicinal purposes
I take a gulp of red wine when I feel rough only if it’s afternoon


I had recklessly dranken a few times when I was on meds. I just felt the typical effects of alcohol. Nothing peculiarly different, I felt goofy, disinhibited and at times nauseated . Of course I’m sure my body didn’t like it very much. I have no plans of drinking again. And I haven’t in over 2 years


Well if mixing alcohol and klonopin could be deadly I guess I had better avoid it. Although I wish that wasn’t the case.


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