Risperidone and alchohol

Drank 4 beers last night.so dizzy today every time I turn my head I feel like collapseing. Getting these weird pulse like things on the back of my head too. Had to drink it was my sisters party. Anyone else ever drink with their meds?

I’m on 6mg at the minute together with an antidepressant

It can affect you so I’d avoid it if your getting symptoms like that. I drink on meds and haven’t had any issues. It’s like everything with these meds as we are all different.


I’m Lucky I didn’t get shitfaced, the beers were nice though

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No you don’t have to drink.
Mixing antipsychotics and booze is downright dumb.
I’m sorry to say.

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Drinking alcohol while on antipsychotics is not smart. It even has warnings on my box of Seroquel that it can increase the effects of alcohol and to avoid alcohol.


Most people will tell you that you shouldn’t mix them & rightly so. It can mess with your medication, your mind & your body. Then again, I drink regularly on the weekends & have never had any real problems when mixing the meds with alcohol. If you do decide to drink on your meds again some important things are to question it at least twice, stay within but preferably under your limits & never overdo it with the alcohol. Getting really shitfaced on AP’s & medication in general is just asking for problems.

I know I shouldn’t drink on anti psychotics but I do. I don’t think I am addicted. I don’t know maybe I am. I have to have one glass of wine…everynight. sometimes two. I have been doing this since I have been on antipsychotics. It relaxes me. I have alot of problems and unfortunately I use alcohol to try to forget them. Although I know it’s not the brightest idea.

i drank on risperidone for about a month 2-4 beers a day and noticed i started getting psychotic and delusional

My doc said to not drink. I think it will hurt more ur liver than if you didn’t took any pills…
With that said I also a drink sometimes, but I do it with moderation, I never aim to be drunk…

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I drank prodigiously while I was on my med’s. It’s been two years since I last drank, though.

Alcoholism isn’t about how much you drink. It’s about how much you need to drink. Someone who needs two glasses of wine a night is still an alcoholic.

Guys, if you don’t want to do permanent liver damage, stop mixing your meds with alcohol! It’s super dangerous! you’re not just adding one thing to another. The different drugs interact with each other and the effects multiply. Not to mention, extra stress on your liver.


I don’t think alcohol affects antipsychotics so it’s perfectly safe to drink while on them.

I really don’t think that’s true.

Do you drive @rogueone? My pdoc would NOT let me drink alcohol at all. He threatened to order me to attend daily AA meetings if I continued to drink even a drop of alcohol on my meds. And I am not an alcoholic by any means. I hate alcohol if truth be known. I’d much rather have sugar.

I’m going on invega which is close. I drink 3 beers a day, never more.

If i have 1 standard drink every few days im okay. If i have anything more or anything but vodka (hardly ever),my positive symptoms come back, they go away just as quick though when i sober up

I’m on risperidone as well - 6mg. I used to be able to drink a beer or two at night while on meds without it being much of a problem. Then it started to effect my sleep as well as increase my paranoia, so I’ve been avoiding it lately. Even though I miss the taste of a good beer my mind does better when I don’t drink. Overall, in my opinion, stability and clarity are more important than the novelty of drinking. Some people on meds can tolerate drinking, but if you do decide to drink, keep it in moderation.