Thoughts on alcohol and antipsychotics?

It’s different in every case, in mine I used to drink normally with no problem ever. I don’t drink anymore because I just don’t feel like doing it.

We’re Canadian, share traits with both and also roll our own way. Not that we don’t appreciate our British and Yank friends, but… A Canuck’s gotta Canuck.

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I know a lot of Canadians have English/Irish/Scottish ancestry. @shutterbug How about you?

Hi. I have alcoholism. I also have schizophrenia. I thirdly hail from the US. I only know that of the three, the first is the only deadly one. I don’t recommend drinking at all if you have the genes for alcoholism. The disease nearly killed me, but I’m here to write about it.


I used alcohol for 20 years, I have been 18 months sober apart from 1 day.
Alcoholics are not really happy, they would have been better off never to drink in the first place.
I have never had a bad reaction drinking on antipsychotics, If I drank alcohol with a sedating antipsychotic it just me more tired than normal.
It is generally a bad thing to drink if you have mental illness, you will end up with 2 problems instead of 1.

My mother was an alcoholic/problem drinker. Looking at picture of her when younger she looks so happy. However as time went on and the drinking increased she became much more bitter and negative,especially to us her children.

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you good now brother?

more like americans i think because were neighbours…we share a boarder…yea definately way more like americans, although we secretly think were better lol

Sorry for that man, it’s the one disease that is more painful for the relatives than the person that has it.

I drink in moderation on APs and I have been fine.

One thing the drink especially did was increase levels of paranoia. Hence the frequent, drink fuelled rants of how we loved our father better . For all her faults though I was closer to my mother than my father. I think she was very insecure beneath all the drink fuelled paranoia…

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