Thought to be a minimalist

consume less, spend less, drive less, save more.

not acquire junk to clutter things up.


I used to dream or want to be like that…

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i will ring in the bear market, just the essentials for me. haha.

I know I joke about owning all the electronics, but this is how I’m trying to live. I don’t buy things unless I know I’ll really get some good use out of them. Even then, I try not to go overboard on the purchases because I think conspicuous consumption indicates soul rot. A bit of luxury is fine, but a person does not need to go ass wild.

I recently upgraded my phone as the battery in my old unit was getting sketchy and the camera wasn’t doing what I needed as a photographer who uses my camera phone a lot. I took at a look at this year’s Samsungs. I’m not paying over two grand for a phone. I found a pre-owned 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that did what I needed for around $500. It came in cherry condition and I’m very happy with it. Even better, I’ve saved 75% of the price of this year’s phones while getting about 90% of the function. I’m chuffed.

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When I was on Abilify I wasted 100 000+$ in 8 years with compulsive shopping and gambling.
I threw most of the useless stuff I bought, some were expensive. I don’t have compulsive shopping anymore now on Risperdal.

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it’s funny im not rich. but have acquired most of what i want. but i would like nicer house, in a more happening location and also a road bicycle to get around on. now i’ve been borrowing dad’s road bike, when i want to go for a ride.

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Why they don’t make battery removable phones anymore? Is it because they want you to buy more?


Some are, but never the ones you want to buy. I guess it’s to force upgrades. My Samsung S7 is an evil glass, metal, and glue sandwich.


I enjoy spending some money and don’t want to be a total minimalist at this point in time perhaps never.

I do try to be environmentally friendly in my choices with what I buy.

Such as yesterday there was poo bags for $3 but they are not environmentally friendly so I bought environmentally friendly ones for $13 and spent my last money on doing so but I felt I was doing the right thing making the choice I want to make.
I could of said I am poor I will buy the cheap ones but the environment is important to me.

I am plant based so don’t buy a lot of such things.

I buy deodorant from lush that is also more expensive.i used to buy a cheap good one for around $3 but they test on animals so I don’t buy it anymore now I buy from lush which is atleast $15 I think or more.

My will to do right cost more but it’s important to me and although I am on the pension that’s how I chose to spend my money.
I don’t go on holidays.:slightly_smiling_face:

I enjoy shopping to much to be a minimalist.
Too strict and boring for me.


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