The less is more

I don’t need any things anymore. I will use what I have. The things will not make me better at something

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That’s pretty much how I feel too.

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In reality you don’t need anything to achieve something

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I love gadgets. Im addicted to surface or iPad pros

I’m addicted to all sorts of things, but other than the enjoyment I get from just having them, I don’t think I’d be too fussed it they went away. I can always get new things or do without. That being said, I’m a compulsive spender. :relaxed:

Yeah. Happiness isn’t about things but they do make life a bit more interesting. I came into this world with nothing and that is how I plan on leaving it. Meanwhile I’m having a good time within reason.

I don’t need much anymore just happy to have food and a roof over my head

When I moved into this apartment I told myself I ain’t buying a bunch of things for it and for two years I’ve stuck to that. I have a few luxuries but that’s it.

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