I'm glad I don't have money

because I’m a shopaholic. I spent several hundreds shopping during my lifetime.

I just discovered the joys of online shopping… good potato overlord


I don’t have the same longing for material possessions that a lot of people have. There are a few things I want, but I don’t want them that badly. I’d be lying if I said I don’t like money, but I can live without it. I sometimes wonder if my mom and dad shouldn’t have instilled more of a desire for material goods in me so I would be more motivated to work to get the things I want, but I also like my freedom from materialism. I’m probably not going to get very many material goods from life, so it is good that I don’t long for them.


I’ve just discovered the joys of buying lottery tickets online. :anguished:

Uhh that sucks! Is it the abilify or did you always spend it like that?

I don’t think it’s abilify, although abilify has been associated with gambling problems. I never bought lottery tickets before though.

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Something to think about than…

I always spent money on clothes mostly, every year I go through my closet and give clothes to charity. Then restock again. It’s a vicious circle I’m in. But never was irresponsible to the point of not paying bills to buy stuff, only food in my poorer days.


I like to look at stuff online, don’t buy much now, have to keep reminding myself, I really don’t need anything. So far so good. Also kijiji has a free stuff section, I look there everyday, it’s like shopping but can’t get in to much trouble. Found some cool stuff there and it satisfies my need to get new stuff to play with.

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I was never into fancy clothes thankfully, blue jeans and T’s, hoodies. I buy clothes about 1 or 2 times a year. Need winter boots this week and some cheap jeans for work.

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Yeh. That’s a problem for me.

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Found myself the perfect boots. Feel like a child asking my mom for a christmas present


Are they work boots cause i need a pair???

No, they’re just perfect for my walking around the city

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I just made my first LuLaRoe purchase, and I already know I’m going to get hooked! It’s a company that sells practical dresses, shirts, and leggings.

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I shop way too much. I can’t control myself. I’m impulsive so if I see something, I buy it. I’ve started giving my credit card to my fiancé unless I know that I’ll need it for an acceptable reason

Smart. It’s a good thing you’ll have an employee discount now!

Yeah I’m glad I have a discount, I get a 40% discount, but 40% off a $200 pair of jeans is still a lot lol

I used to be a shopaholic. Now I just window browse. I imagine what I will buy and thats that. I want to get a job next year so I can get more money tho, and be free of this benefits system which is just a pain.

I have this allergy. It whenever I step even one toe into a mall. I am instantly turned into a slug. Cannot move, so the tired :joy:


You seem to manage to pay your bills though.

I think that’s most important n not living over your means.

Pay them and food first.:blush:

If you can’t pay bills,living over your means,stealing etc then can be problem.

I am not so fond of extreme greediness and am happy I am not that way and don’t ever want to be that way .
I don’t find it attractive to me to be that way.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like buying things cause I do and if my body had more money I would probably buy more.

I think it can be a sickness and can be healed or go away.

Never satisfied n always wanting more .

Shopping a lot could be good if business investment and some have it as a life style .
But that can be as it can be too …

Many very greedy sometimes get there money stealing from other people.

I know some very rich people who steal from me it could be to look n feel good and few other reasons.n money etc too

Healthy Passion for shopping when shopping and so could be good n be able to enjoy shopping n not get spiritually attacked to leave mall etc cause they stealing from you…(me)
Saying your not welcome etc despite being workaholic eons etc

There’s ways I think to improve n make change.
Therapy for some people,medicines etc

Maybe it’s a ocd kind of or manic periods…

Some have sugar wife’s or husbands n they give them so much thing they point at and when they don’t get something they usually throw tantrums and they are adults…amazing.n they have children.

It’s very good you are insiteful about having a problem.

I don’t know your situation.

But I usually always spend all my doll money every fortnight.
I have a horse to buy agistment n food for (she was given to me n dieing but survived)they were going take her to doggers.
I buy expensI’ve food now.from meal plan company lite n easy but it’s so good.
Petrol,coffee coffee coffee💝

Buy at second hand shops can be good .

I bought two swim suits for $18
They cost $80 out new but there’s a $2 second hand shop where one could probably buy swimmers for $2.

Hope you can overcome this problem a good way and get help for it cause I understand a restless addicted itchy hateful feeling from what I’ve understood .

Several hundreds in your life time does not sound a lot.

I think there’s different definition of shopaholic or different levels of it.
Many shopaholic I think of usually steal etc and throw tantrums.

As long as you can pay your bills and food there might not be any harm to it.