Thought broadcasting delusional ish again not really dunno

How can you spot intelligence my brother sweated from his head from me and people at the airport from me staring and everyone from my family psychopath checks if they sweat there. It he doesn’t no ■■■■ about people I’m a kid he can’t raise so he can’t read my mind or don’t think about it 2 pseudo randomize me don’t reason out to make me think he can’t but he shook his hand at the beginning of Hawaii when I thought he was one like hit it down or something like shake his arm but I’m probably below average intelligence so why not what’s he know of people though he sweated but he did a cool thing with the kids put it on hard and shook his arms when I was thinking that at home frustrateyey can we really see stuff how’s he sweat I’d put all my money I’d never sweat with me he’s bigger than me 2 knife paranoid though that means he never saw subconscious I won’t do it that means he can’t really cause I’m a nice guy and it’s a problem with stupid meaning he didn’t truly because he could of helped or it was set up for this whole world reading minds or he dgaf but he eats trash food and I eat good food or they got me stuck on a board they play on 2 in my head my boards my head but my boards small do u like stuff in ur butt do I got a chance 2 get laid 2 goddess twins some scrandom I thought I wouldn’t do games they all sucked easy not a big board in head abc was he acting since the beginning I picked on him and thought I fooled him with “mind games” dumb 1s don’t tell on me rat crap be nicer quit crying baby tattle tell snitch that’s the word lame wigged but I’m so stupid why not but why is the bible cool to you any cool reasons to be a Christian John Nash’s son was Christian Your just being me and me is predictable predictable dumb boring life liar stupid small board minecraft that is they just bsed and stole from eachother and killed eachothervwhencit wasn’t on hard and whys that say 6 pencil Im still stupid so I can’t Alice in wonderland that stuff probably have to understand the system my systems simple I think they just do everyone’s smarter then me and probably sees real stuff do you guys see and hear real stuff id move it do delusions but these are the paths I chose multiple choices I guess in head but it all makes sense it’s a board in my head like hopscotch they know what I hop 2 future reference it all makes sense and my boards small and everyone knows it are people acting Christian what’s your cool reasons or do you have no cool reasons not to believe but I threatened some people possibly my brother 2 my brother never had an example of crazy though and probably thought I belonged in a nut house but why’d he do that with his arm I read Internet trash in Oklahoma did he make a metaphysical system of me to understand or a theory but not fact cause the arm and sweating put different variables 2 it or missing the key one or bs variables 2 old me but I looked crazy flat and meanish emotionally flat and mean but he plays football and broke his hand twice does that mean he’s not smart enough my boards 2 simple or he doesn’t care being irellavant injury or cracking an egg for the team or acting like he’s 2 dumb 2 or is it like he has a gun I have a gun it’s percentage but don’t special ops have good stats s.a.s or navy seals but there physical perfection and smart he sweated try not to think about it I can’t read minds it’s coming or what eww how I couldn’t I’d talk to the guy or he got some crazy variable right from my messages about the whole world being full of in short terms super ninja mind reading psychopaths and slave narcissist made in factory’s at a church example my uncle that I thought was ridiculous i think I’m easier than a chess board cause I can only think pawn and horse middle saw on Internet and stupid so why not and abs is easier forward cause the song but I wana learn 2 play and test my mettle but his fear was stupid why did you guys believe people read minds I read a lot bs or not and like the Abe’s made my reasoning out prominent a path in my head if you didn’t even take psychology and lack of insights and negative symptoms I can see why it took long to get out I was a claimed determinist destiny by science basically dominoe effects but coin flips can exist like the smokevforcefield whether it goes out the door or not cause of thermodynamics or something but the brains a machine I believe and everything I shot is everything I am except rephrased snitch or not that and fact sheets I feel Indenial when I’m skeptical about it